Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – July 2011

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterThe following is an archive of the Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – July 2011.

Your company’s business applications and network are continuously improving, however, the manufacturing network may not have seen a technology update in years. Legacy systems are still in place using switchboxes, RS232 cabling and old Windows operating systems that seem to just hang on. It might be time to consider a few new tools which includes tips and tricks when updating the shop floor.

* Ethernet Solutions *
Over the years, RS232 cabling and switchboxes or serial hubs have been the standard to link CNC machines together.  With this connection came limited length in cable runs, slow baud rates and power spikes.  Embracing the same technology as your office PC’s use, you can now run Ethernet cables to network-based machines.  But what about your older serial based machines?  Now you can breathe new life into them with our FlexN hardware.  Run Ethernet cable from a standard network switch to each machine, across longer distances using  TCP/IP error correction protocols.  Leverage the fastest baud rate at your CNC and eliminate the bottleneck!

*Network Based  CNCs *

They have finally arrived, network-based CNC machines on the shop floor.  But how are you connecting them to your company network?  Connecting CNC Machines to your network switches has many advantages such as high-speed machining, low-cost Ethernet cable, easy wiring schemes along with IPs for each machine.  Your IT Department can probably get them going quickly but have you thought about…
  • Virus software – adding this to your control is probably not an option and leaves a security breach
  • Operator training  – there are two sides to learn now, Windows and the CNC control interface
  • Procedural differences between transferring NC programs- serial based machines and network buttons are unique
  • Remote monitoring and support – who has access to your machine and corporate network
There are ways to control, manage and transfer data to your network based machines with confidence and using Predator DNC Software.   FTP and TCP/IP protocols are built into the DNC Networking application that currently manages your serial based machine and allows one product to do it all.

*Predator DNC Tip *

Most users of Predator DNC Software use the application to transfer NC programs to and from the control connected to the system with ease.  However, a recent poll showed users only use 43% of the application features and benefits.  Did you know you can…
  • Track every upload and download into a log which includes date/time, command and NC program name
  • Transfer offsets, capture probe data or machine parameters
  • Clean up legacy files in minutes by adding O’s, removing unwanted characters or making sure each begins with %
  • Create revisions of NC programs being saved automatically
  • Send messages back to operators that files are not available or secure on the DNC Server when saving out of the CNC
  • Add email notification or print from the CNC control

You can optimize your system by calling your account manager to arrange a system review and make a recommendation to utilize the full features of your investment in Predator Software.

Replace Floppy Disk Drives with our USB Floppy Emulator. Add Ethernet to Any CNC! See what customers are
saying about SFA!”Thank you for a great support team.  They were very pleasant to speak with, knowledgeable and patient.  They knew their stuff and had me up and running in 5 minutes.”Mike- Hauppauge, NY”I purchased a used Okuma lathe and proceeded to try to get it to communicate with my DNC software to no avail. After 2 years, 15 cables, 12 manuals, 100s of pages of parameter settings, and advice from every expert I could find, I stumbled across Shop Floor Automations. Between their expert advice, cabling, and Predator Software I was up and running in 20 minutes.”Charles- Bandon, OR”Shop Floor Automations has provided a fully functional, completely “wireless” solution to our CNC communication needs. They have demonstrated expertise, professionalism, and problem-solving persistence in a manner that supports my decision in choosing them. I enthusiastically recommend them.”Charles – Phoenix, AZ

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