Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – February 2011

Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

Shop Floor Automations February 2011 Newsletter

The following is an archived copy of our Shop Floor Automations Newsletter from February 2011.

The manufacturing environment is changing and automation is here.  New solutions have slowly moved out to the shop floor and it may be time to revisit this area. A true network solution ensures the latest CNC programs are pulled from your file server and when changes or revisions occur the edits are stored back on your file server. The entire process will become more reliable and everyone will become more productive.

* Shop Floor CNC Communications *
CNC communication software is designed to network all of your CNCs, robots and PLC based machines. DNC systems manage your CNC programs, offsets and parameters. It supports a wide range of CNC communications for drip-feeding, downloading, and uploading via parallel, RS232, ethernet, and wireless.

* Add Wireless to your CNC*

The Wireless CNC Adapter acts as an interface between any CNC control with an available RS232 or ethernet port. The machine tool control can send from CNC memory to the Adapter, Adapter to CNC memory or drip-feed (DNC) from the Wireless CNC Adapter. The extended antenna allows for the unit to mounted internally or externally on the machine and powered by various power sources.
The Wireless CNC Adapter is available with 1 or 2 serial ports, comes with a lifetime warranty, and includes a serial cable for the specific machine.  The advantage of using the device is that it delivers high speed communication to the CNC controller while using 802.11B/G wireless technology.  The unit supports various encryption standards and has a web-based interface for quick programming.
* About Shop Floor Automations *
Shop Floor Automations (SFA) is committed to providing our customers individualized solutions for their manufacturing automation needs. By offering an extensive collection of shop floor software and hardware products, SFA can scale its automation solutions to customers of any size, regardless of needs.  Give us a call to learn how we can help you today!

See what customers are saying about wireless DNC:

“Wireless DNC provides a shop floor with added flexibility to move machines without reconfiguring software or cable layout – this is particularly beneficial when using machines with overhead cranes, traveling gantries and those too far to cable quickly and efficiently. Plus, wireless DNC provides high data rates over long distances.”

Tim – Houston, TX

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