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jobpackJobpack Production Scheduling

Scheduling is the key to efficient operations. With Jobpack Production Scheduling software, you can quickly identify bottlenecks and react in real-time to unexpected production problems.

You’ll know what job to run next, when to promise the customer’s order, and what machines can get it done the fastest.  You can optimize production capabilities while achieving realistic delivery dates to keep customer satisfaction humming right along.

Job Scheduling Software is essential for knowing if deliveries will be on time. It takes all of your current jobs, along with capacity, & gives you the ability to see where your jobs are & when they are going to be completed. The real-time scheduling module keeps operators on the shop floor up to date with what jobs to run next. Sudden downtime on machines is accounted for & re-scheduling based on new machine capacity can happen.

With a solid scheduling system in place, you’ll be better equipped to update your customers on delivery dates and identify late deliveries before they happen so you have time to do something about it. Displays of pre-order & estimated cost calculations, as well as actual costs incurred during manufacture, are shown as they occur, as well as displaying data for groups or individual cells of machines.

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Features include:

  • Activated jobs appear on planning board instantly
  • Display machine capacity for working & non-working days
  • Color-coding status indicates factory floor workflow
  • “What if” tests overall factory & delivery dates production
  • Use stand-alone or integrate with existing ERP/MRP business systems
  • Real-time queued jobs are displayed by work center set against shift pattern