Wondering what happened during your shift?

A screenshot of the timeline dashboard in Predator MDC machine monitoring software, showing everything a machine did during three separate shifts.

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Production Data with Predator MDC

Break down what happened during production into visuals. There has been a cool new Predator MDC v11 Timeline View update you need to see.

If you are trying to keep pace with other shops, you are constantly trying to figure out what happened with meeting your production goals. With machine monitoring from Predator Software via MDC, you can start the dialogue with your shop floor and its managers.

Use the timeline dashboard via the Predator Machine Monitoring Client Software for a stand-up production meeting. A manager can load this onto a shop floor screen and review with the team what the machines did yesterday during second and third shifts.

Most managers are at home during these time periods, so the review meeting will most likely take place at 9 a.m. the next day. The pie charts in the Productivity Summaries will sum up the data in the Machine Timeline.

What are some new features you can expect from the latest v11.0 update to MDC?

  • Predator Touch HMI, Events Touch & DNC Touch
  • Predator MDC for Android Phones
  • Predator MDC Executive Real-time view from any browser
  • Analog and Digital Input for Legacy Machines using Predator MDC Adapter
  • Scrap Part & Downtime Pareto Charts
  • Multiple OEE reports, Dashboards & Charts
  • New Shop Floor Layout & MDC Executive options
  • Support for: Windows 2012, Windows 10, Oracle 12, Microsoft Access 2016, Microsoft Access 2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • New Chart Colors & Refresh options
  • New Downtime charts & Status Display Pie Charts
  • Event Trend Charts, Machine Utilization Charts, & Toolbar Buttons

There have also been lots of updates and fixes to existing features, such as My Favorites, HTML-based online Help, Measurement Dimension Wizards, and more! If you want more information, contact Shop Floor Automations on social media, or call us at (877) 611-5825.