October 2013 SFA Newsletter

Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

The following is an archived copy of the October 2013 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter.

Loading Offsets 

Many of our customers are faced with streamlining the process
of loading the NC program along with various other files.
Loading tool offsets are common on the shop floor but are typically a manual process.

By using a DNC system, the operator can request the NC program for the desired part
while the software automates the process in the background to look for the NC program
as well as the associated tool offsets.

If the tool offset file is located, it will queue the file and load the correct file
immediately after the NC program is loaded.  This allows the operator
to simplify the task and save time.

CNC Controller with Limited Memory

Limited to the CNC controller memory in your machine?

While some CNCs are arriving on the shop floor with hard drives and
Ethernet connectivity, most older machines are still in production
where programming departments are forced to break up NC programs or
streamline the program to fit into the controller.

There are several options to bypass these limitations and other
programming challenges by automating the process.  Expand the memory using
Behind the Tape Readers, use a tape mode or DNC function on the control
to drip-feed, or implement sub-programs and load them on the fly
from the PC hard drive to reduce the size of the program on the CNC controller.

Predator New CNC Service 

Predator CNC Service is a Windows service designed to monitor Ethernet-based CNCs machines,
Robots and PLCs.  The service now includes support for MTConnect, Fanuc Focas,
OPC and Structured Data type equipment. Various parameters such a CNC mode,
cycle counters, variables, feeds and speeds for all make and models of Okuma Mills
and Lathes with P300, P200 and P100 CNCs can be captured in real-time.

Improve your schedule accuracy and reduce costs using a real-time,
finite production scheduler that maximizes the use of your resources
and meets your delivery promises. Plan, schedule and manage with
one production management software solution.

Customer Success Stories

We would like to have your feedback of how we were able to help
improve your shop floor with our solutions.
Your story may be featured in leading trade magazines or online
website and can include a little background on your company to share.

Celebrating 15 Years

Shop Floor Automations is celebrating our 15th year in business
providing the best in software, hardware and integration services.

We are the premier service and support center for customers
throughout USA for a variety of Software and Hardware brands. This
includes being the #1 distributor for Predator Software and
recognized as “Dealer of the Year” for 10 years running.

Let us analyze your shop for free and provide you with the best solutions to suit your needs!

* DNC Networking
* Machine Monitoring
* Job Scheduling / Capacity Planning
* Document Control / Paperless
* CNC Editing / File Compare
* USB Solutions / Mobile / PDAs
* Wireless /  Wired Serial Hubs

Technical Note:

Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft in April, 2014.

In order to maintain support for your computer systems from
Microsoft, you will have to upgrade from Windows XP.

Contact us in advance so we can help walk you through this process.
(877) 611-5825 Toll Free
California: (619) 461-4000

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