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Modern Machine Shop – January 2018

modern machine shop

Our customers at R & D Manco were on the January 2018 cover story for Modern Machine Shop.

Shop Floor Automations, the company’s machine monitoring provider, shares the story.

“Machine monitoring has been another important factor in R&D Manco’s success,” states MMS editor Peter Zelinski within the feature piece.

Basic machine status data and studying the data to find downtime causes was very important. It was noted as “the shop’s most powerful resource for realizing machining capacity improvements.”

OEE monitoring is crucial for manufacturers. Knowing the utilization of all production equipment is becoming a daily need on the shop floor.

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R & D especially found our services helpful for older machines.

“The company has retrofitted the controls with MTConnect adapters from Shop Floor Automations in order to also get these machines into the shop-wide machine monitoring system.”

We encourage you to read more about how machine monitoring is allowing R&D Manco to increase productivity.

Here is feedback from other machine monitoring customers:

  • “We have been able to increase our productivity by 25 percent just monitoring the machine utilization.” – AeroPrecision
  • “There was minimal startup cost and it requires little software management on the user end.” – Tech Manufacturing LLC
  • “So far, it’s been really good to us to improve our machine efficiencies. Where we’re lacking, as far as our programming or our setups, things like that.” -Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
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