mfg day 217Shop Floor Automations loves MFG Day.

We recognize that there are some challenges to the manufacturing industry and although our solutions help, there is still a skills gap that needs to be filled.

Around this time last year, we paid a visit to Workshops for Warriors (WFW) and even got to interview their founder Hernan Luis Y Prado about the organization at an event. This year, there has been a lot of progress, but WFW still aims to spread its message further.

“What sets WFW apart from any other Veteran educational organization in the nation are the Nationally-recognized portable and stackable credentials our graduates have the opportunity to earn,” Hernán told Shop Floor Automations. “These credentials are our graduates’ passport to financial freedom, anywhere in the world, for life.”

When Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Transitioning Service Members attend the programs of WFW, they are earning credentials from many organizations. Significantly, they can gain credentials from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), CNC Software Inc. (MasterCam), SolidWorks, Immerse2Learn, the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), and the American Welding Society (AWS).

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WFW Founder & CEO Hernán Luis y Prado. Hernán served in the Navy for 15 years, so this topic hits close to home for him. His message has always been clear – that veterans are the perfect group of people to learn how to use manufacturing equipment to fill these jobs.

Another organization helping to spread the word to the youth of America about manufacturing is Edge Factor. You may remember them from an in-depth interview we did with their founder, Jeremy Bout. When we caught up with him recently, he shared with us his most life-changing feedback he ever received.

“The email that changed the course of our history of Edge Factor came from an Educator I had never met,” Jeremy reflected. “He wrote [to me] ‘Jeremy, I do not know who you are or why you are doing what you do, but I had a student change their major after watching your film. How can I help you on your mission?’ This was not the last time I had this, but the first time really rearranged my thinking and put Edge Factor on the course we now are on.”

As well as the administrative challenges and plans they have in the works, they are also working on getting their star-studded film Masters of Resonance out to the public. Jeremy spoke more about it in our previous interview and we look forward to seeing it, once it is released. Jeremy also said they are about a month or less away from a big update to their brand!

On Instagram, here are some reasons some of our followers love working in this industry:

@hvwco says “I love being a fourth generation maker. I was born on a lathe bed, have cutting oil in my veins. My great-grandfather did this in the 1800s – I still have one of his machinist’s chests. I love carrying the torch.”

@weiss5160 says “The advances in machine technology that weren’t there even a couple of years ago.”

@_the.precisionist_ says “I make stuff that goes into space!”

@rickcheck says “I love to ogle over my finished product, then drift into thought of who else can do this”

@fifthelementmachine says “Making parts in the USA!”

@negativegee was very passionate about this subject, telling us: “When I worked in aerospace, I loved being able to say that I help build parts for the F-22, the F-35, F-18s, MD-90, MD-95, 757, 767, and 777! When I worked at GT Bicycles, I loved being able to say that I had a direct hand in the production of some of the best aluminum and cro-moly bikes on the world, including fabrication of the team bikes for the LOTTO Tour de France team in 1998. Now I’m a teacher, and I love passing on my skill and knowledge. But the thing that is most satisfying is having my students come back to me in a year or two to tell me about their new careers and the success they are having.”

@bareknucklepaul says “Each day presents a new challenge!”

@adam_4130 says “I can take something from nothing and turn it into something amazing. The only true limitations is what we can think of in our mind!”

@machine_shop_tech_talk says “What do I love? The ability to create, the ability to constantly learn and improve. I wanted a career that would continuously challenge me, and manufacturing has definitely delivered that to me”

@brokentrace says “Solving challenges and fixing problem[s]”

@onpointmachining says “Seeing the transformation of a chunk of metal to a product never gets old.”

@themetalmerker says “Makin’ chips fly and pushing the boundaries of a machine’s capabilities every chance I get!”

@kfgs says “I [am] consistently given the opportunity to push the envelope and challenge my own abilities and skillset.”

@ezrider619 says “I love how each day is both mentally and physically challenging. I earn a paycheck doing something that benefits more than just myself.”

@jason_dooley says “The gratification of knowing the customer is going to be using something I made to make their job easier.”

Perhaps the most poignant of all the quotes for MFG Day is from @wesquik16 who says “Just the fact that I’m doing it here in the USA”

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