Legacy SFA Blogs – Edition 7

Legacy SFA Blogs – Edition 7

We are always appreciative any time we get press coverage, here are Shop Floor Automations. We humbly present the 7th installment of our SFA Legacy Blogs series, where we thank the trade publications and special online outlets for their past and current coverage of our company.

shop floor automations Manufacturing Tomorrow published our piece talking about organizations who are enriching the Made in America movement, which you can read here. Manufacturing Talk Radio also published the same piece here, which includes coverage on Workshops for Warriors, Open Source Maker Labs, and Edge Factor.

We thank Aerospace Manufacturing & Design for talking about our Wi-Fi USB Connect product here. MFR Tech also published our piece talking about how spreadsheets kill productivity at a manufacturing operation and why graphical job scheduling is the best alternative to this old technology.

Finally, Modern Machine Shop Mexico has published a few of our pieces. They also have a cool homepage for us with Spanish-speaking resources.

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