January/February 2016 SFA Newsletter

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterThe following is an archive of our January/February 2016 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter.

Please note that the newsletter sent out had a typo of the date “January/February 2015” in the title, but this email was sent out February 16th, 2016.

The Internet of Things for Machines

How the Internet of Things is Helping Plants with Maintenance Leverage Tablets and Mobile Devices with Touch HMI

Join us on April 14th at 12:00PM PST, to learn how machine monitoringand data collection can make predictive maintenance a reality in your operations.
Bigfoot CMMS and Scytec DataXchange will be coming together to
discuss their software applications and integration options.

This smart technology is bringing the Internet of Things closer to
the shop floor, automating processes that could only be done manually
in the past.

See real-world examples and the benefits of cloud-based machine
monitoring and asset management, and see how high your utilization
and asset management strategy can soar.

Traditionally, a machine shop operator might initiate a process or operation
by scanning a bar code or QR code. With the release of Predator Touch HMI,
simple touch screen buttons can replace these traditional methods.
With one touch, you can send a CNC program to a machine, send email notifications,
display work instructions, or trigger many more customizable functions.

This application not only saves time but allows for an easy to use
process to be implemented with no install needed!
Learn more about Predator Touch HMI and DNC software to see
how you can further automate your machine shop.

Is Your Shop Ready for El Nino?

The recent weather trends have proved problematic to many machine shops.
Lightning strikes, floods and extreme wind can easily take out the power
or cause electrical surges.  In the case of power outages due to extreme weather,
machine shops can’t afford to lose CNC communication.

USB Connect backups are the perfect way to keep producing parts
in the case of an unexpected network error.  Portable or Pendant USB hardware
is a simple solution to keep productivity on schedule during unforeseen problems.

NTMA Member Discounts, Benefits and Meetings!

Shop Floor Automations is a proud Associate Member of the NTMA in San
Diego. To show appreciation for NTMA members across the US, we offer a 10%
off discount on Software and a 5% off discount on Hardware for all
active NTMA members.

NTMA works to cultivate our industry’s community so we can come
together, collaberate and learn from each other.

Are Your Machines Actually Cutting?     

Modern Machine Shop recently released an article about one of our customers
that recently began utilizing data collection software in order to improve efficiency.

This article explains how machine monitoring can improve efficiencies
outside of the machining cycle. Data Collection gives operators and shop managers a clear visual
of what is actually happening on the shop floor. Read the full article HERE.

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