First Hawaii SFA Customer

A USB Connect Portable is on a clip art beach with a coconut drink and a hawaiian lei around it. The text says "Aloha! California to Hawaii".

First Hawaii Shop Floor Automations Customer

Here at Shop Floor Automations, we love all of our customers and we are excited that the number grows every day. An order we got today was particularly thrilling, as it’s our first ever client based out of Hawaii!

The order we saw come in was for our Portable USB Connect. Turns out, they need it to communicate with their Milltronics control. They are currently using SD cards and they no longer want to deal with the 2GB restriction. Who can blame them?! The cards are also hard to find for them, so they opted for our Portable USB Connect.

While our Wireless Connect was not the best option for them, we respect and will anticipate how to cater to every need for every one of our customers. As we say “aloha” to this unit and ship it off to Hawaii, we sure hope our new client will say “aloha” back and let us know how the unit is working for them!

If you want to become our newest customer, or have purchased from us in the past and want some new solutions, contact us here. Did you know that if you once had a maintenance agreement with us, that it may be time to renew? Call us to find out at 877-611-5825. We can’t wait to chat with you!