Have a DNC Software Backup Plan

A DNC software user's hands are seen on the keyboard with an Error messages that says "Please contact support."A DNC Software Backup Plan for Shop Floor Power Outages

As a shop floor owner, you have plans. Aside from quotas, managing employees and estimated revenue, you also need to account for your livelihood, which would be your machines. Since one item can be dependent of another, power supply, network data, and DNC Software are all crucial factors to keep machines going.

When you run a manufacturing plant, you know that uptime is critical, so having a secondary plan is a must.  What will you do if the power goes out? You’ll deploy your backup generators.  If your network data gets corrupted, you have backup data you can restore.

But what happens when your DNC goes down?

Imagine you are running a shop with one of our Wireless DNC systems. Everything is going smoothly, as usual. Then, the IT person changes around the Wireless Network in the office without proper authority. Your system then takes a nosedive because of this one action.

A great solution? Our Portable USB Connect device can connect to the RS232 port on your machine for a temporary way to get files into the machine, so even if the Wi-Fi goes out or there are related issues, you still have a backup plan.

Contact our sales team or tweet us at @SFA_inc if you want more info on how to avoid the nightmare scenario we mentioned above.