CNC Revision Control

For manufacturing productivity, CNC Revision Control is overlooked. Old programs running at machines leads to wasted raw material, man time, and customer time.

CNC Revision Control“Revision control is the management of modifications done to software applications, sites, documents or any set of information,” states Techopedia. Benefits of CNC revision control include better record keeping, performance analysis, streamlined collaboration, and conserved disk space.

Modern Machine Shop columnist Wayne Chaneski says – “It is hard to know if a process needs to be fixed if it is not being followed as intended.” He continues that “valid processes that have veered off course may require additional employee training or better communication of expectations.

“Instances of different computer numerical control (CNC) programs for the same part with the same revision code.” Chaneski acknowledges this is a big shop floor problem.

CNC Revision Control is important to our customers, too:

cnc drip feedBefore retiring from Buck Knives, customer Lee said this was a daily battle.

“We had programs pretty much stored everywhere,” he said. “What we needed to do was lock down the programs,” Lee stated. “Now, we are grabbing programs from the right directories, we are able to send to the machines.”

“We were trying to control over 8000 programs, revision levels, and updates,” says Wayne of Carrol Machine. Revision control helps them minimize the time and mistakes of manual program management.

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