Cloud Machine Monitoring vs. On Premise: Which is Better for Your Manufacturing Site?

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Cloud Machine Monitoring vs. On Premise: Which is Better?

Cloud machine monitoring is often compared to on premise machine monitoring. Which is better for your manufacturing site? Find out in this guide.

The CNC machine market is expected to reach $76.22 billion by the end of 2020. As someone who’s decided to get machine monitoring for your business, you’re making a choice that allows you to keep up with competitors.

However, after making the choice to get a monitoring system, you likely are wondering whether cloud machine monitoring vs on-premise solutions are right for you. Read on to make a more informed choice about remotely keeping tabs on your manufacturing processes.

What Is Cloud Machine Monitoring?

Cloud machine monitoring lets you monitor and manage real-time data using cloud-based technology infrastructure. Your machines never connect to the public cloud, but rather a local computer that relays the data to the cloud data center. You’ll be able to review and report on your equipment from anywhere with Internet access, eliminating the need to go into the office.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

Some pros of using cloud solutions include:

  • Provide automatic software updates
  • Provide you with better support
  • Give you licensing flexibility to use only features and functionality desired
  • Allow you to pay as you go, month to month or annual contracts
  • Make the deployment of your monitoring technologies easier
    • You would need to manually maintain on-premise databases regularly, which is added time/cost
    • Cloud monitoring technology leverages the latest Microsoft Windows Servers, SQL databases
  • Improve your security with firewalls, protocols and data center management of uptime
  • Let you access data from anywhere and any device
  • Allow for more flexibility and scalability for your business
  • Faster deployment and set up with an hour of ordering

Downsides of Cloud Monitoring

There are also some cons:

  • Data can be automatically shared with providers and other users
  • Specific industries are not allowed to use cloud technologies
  • Subscription costs are ongoing and may be best to purchase the software
  • Costs associated with changing to on-premise or selecting another provider
  • Edge devices or proprietary hardware may be required to gain access to the cloud provider

How Is On-Premise Machine Monitoring Different?

On premise machine monitoring allows you to keep virtual tabs on CNC machines via software in your own facility and servers. You own everything, both hardware and software-related. Our team is simply responsible for deployment and routine upgrades.

Advantages of On-Premise Monitoring

Some benefits of on-premise solutions include:

  • You having complete control of the location of your data
  • You understand and know all of your costs and maintenance fees before deployment
  • Licensing is an up-front cost
  • Data will never be shared unless you actively choose to share it
  • You have full control of your security (while the cloud is secure, you do not choose your security applications)
  • Some companies and local governments require on-premise monitoring to meet company policies and local government regulations

Disadvantages of On-Premise Monitoring

There are also some downsides:

  • You must perform manual software updates
  • Data can only be accessed near the server
  • Very little mobility
  • No pay as you go plans
  • No licensing flexibility (it’s all up front)

Which Option Is Right For You?

You may prefer cloud-based monitoring if:

  • You are often adding/removing CNC machines from your facility
  • You prefer a scalable solution because of inconsistent productivity
  • You want to remotely monitor your devices from many different mobile technologies
  • You prefer having your provider manage all upgrades and security features

You may like on-premise monitoring better when:

  • You want full control of security and applications
  • You want to perform your hardware and software maintenance in-house
  • Your business and machines have consistent productivity year-round

You can also start on the cloud and then sign up for additional features to convert to on-premise monitoring. We have month-to-month payments vs our competitors, who require 1-year annual payments.

Optimize Your Tech Solutions Today

Now that you know how to choose between cloud machine monitoring and its on-premise counterpart, it’s time to get started. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about our virtual machine monitoring solutions.

Not only are we happy to provide insight into which service is best for you, but we’re also happy to point you in the direction of that solution. We’re committed to helping businesses like yours ensure that their CNC machines are operating properly from remote locations. Don’t hesitate to reach out!