July/August 2016 SFA Newsletter

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterThis is an archive of our July/August Shop Floor Automations Newsletter.

Manufacturing Jobs for Veterans

Shop Floor Automations recently attended an event where
an open house was held for an organization called Workshops for Warriors.

Military veterans from all over the USA come to Workshops for
Warriors in San Diego so they can gain nationally recognized
certifications and get careers in the manufacturing industry.

Get a DNC Safety Net

It goes without saying that your machines are your biggest asset on
your shop floor. New employees can be trained, generators can be used
when the power goes out – the list of safe alternatives goes on and on.

What happens when the DNC goes down? There are numerous ways this can
happen, but instead of running nightmare scenarios in your head, how
about a backup plan instead?

Toll Free: (877) 611-5825

Manufacturing News – June 2016

Manufacturing News – June 2016

Shop Floor Automations was featured in Manufacturing News this past month of June 2016. In the article, we spoke about Touch HMI Software from Predator, as well as our Floppy Drive Emulators.

“Touch HMI has the ability for wired and wireless support, as well as configuration to communication with CNCs, CMMs, test stands, and other devices,” we stated, of Touch HMI software.

In regards to the Floppy Emulator, which was once called the FD Connect but is now part of our Floppy Connect line, we wrote: “a CNC control that still uses a floppy drive can easily switch to using a USB drive.” The Floppy Connect line is off-the-shelf compatible with Haas, but it is also compatible with other machines, with the help of our technicians.

Click Read our piece, plus the whole issue! Call (877) 611-5825 for more information.

The founders of SFA have many years of experience providing effective solutions to manufacturers large and small from coast to coast. Their expertise in designing and implementing DNC and Shop Floor Networks allows them to take the best hardware and software products to the next level. That level is a fully implemented, turnkey solution tailored specifically for a customer’s requirements and environments.

SFA has become the industry leader in Shop Floor Communications and Machine Monitoring Solutions. Totally redefining what “Shop Floor Automation” solutions should be.  With thousands of customers from across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia, SFA was called upon by other vendors to provide other solutions that could be met by our knowledge, support and sales experience of the manufacturing industry.  In 2010, SFA aligned itself with these vendors to close the loop with maintenance management software, job management and scheduling software, hardware manufacturers, and machine tool companies.

SFA YouTube Transcriptions

Okuma Floppy DriveShop Floor Automations YouTube Transcriptions

For those who are hearing impaired, or just wanted a little more comprehension on our YouTube Automation Insights and Solutions, we at Shop Floor Automations have taken the liberty to not only personally caption our own videos, but to provide transcriptions here.

In a hurry? Contact Support by sending a message.

The very first transcription best symbolizes what our company is all about, and we encourage you to read more after the page break:

Manufacturing Integrator – CNC Hardware & CNC Software :  Shop Floor Automations sells, installs, and supports software and hardware solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have a variety of solutions that will increase the efficiency and productivity of a shop floor. They range from machine monitoring, DNC software, job scheduling, document control, and more! We also offer hardware solutions to help a shop go wireless or convert to USB.

Our off-the-shelf products are completely customizable, scalable to grow with your company, and able to meet the needs of any company, small to large, in any industry. If you want to optimize performance throughout your shop process, Shop Floor Automations is ready to help.

We’ve been in business since 1998 and we cover the entire United States, parts of Canada, and Mexico. We have a singular focus in providing preeminent automation tools with world-class service. We take great pains to know your products, machines, and methods, inside and out, to build lasting customer relationships and allow us to develop superior customized solutions to help you run a more efficient shop. Shop Floor Automations helps keep you connected to your shop, so you can keep your shop connected to the world! READ MORE BELOW
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