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SFA Offers Predator Basic Machine Monitoring Software

Predator Software Predator Software Machine Monitoring

Shop Floor Automations (SFA), a distributor and service center for Predator Software Inc., has announced the Basic version of Predator’s Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC) Software.

“For many years now, Predator has offered their fully automated, real time MDC system for larger corporations,” said a company spokesperson. “Now they have released the Basic version of the same software targeted toward the small to medium size manufactures looking to capture utilization, with alarm status and part counts.”

MDC Basic is designed to be an affordable way to collect real-time and historical data from the shop floor. It allows for no operator input at the CNC to capture running or idle status along with alarm mode. The customer can also record good and scrapped part counts directly from the CNC interface.

All the collected data is recorded into one of three database platforms: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQLo r Oracle. Decision makers will have various reports and charts at their fingertips regarding production history, said SFA. Read more below.

Analyzing production details provides a real understanding on the quality and efficiency of production resources. Areas of deficiency can be easily viewed, analyzed and eventually improved. Production and quality details can be analyzed for a particular machine and can be broken down by day, week, month, quarter or year.

Predator MDC Basic can be migrated to the full-blown MDC system to allow for automatic data collection and real time reports. Real time status report will tell the user what job number or part number is running on which machine. Information such as downtime reasons, job, part, operation and users can be captured in the upgraded version.

“With the motto ‘You can only improve what you measure,’ Predator MDC Basic helps improvemanufacturing processes by empowering decision makers with the information they need to run production more efficiently,” said the spokesperson.

Shop Floor Automations, Inc. serves as the Midwest and Western United States Service Center for Predator Software, exclusively providing sales, service and support for all Predator products.

For more information contact:
Shop Floor Automations
5360 Jackson Drive, Suite #202
La Mesa, CA91942
877-611-5825 / 619-461-4000

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