May/June 2016 SFA Newsletter

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterThis is an archive of our May/June 2016 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter.

New Pricing for Floppy Drive Emulators

Do you have machines that are still running with floppy drives?
Our Floppy Drive Emulator is the perfect solution to keep older machines
running with USB devices rather than outdated floppy disks. This device works
on numerous controls and we have an amazing support team to help you over the phone.

The great news is that if you have Haas CNC Machines, the Floppy Emulator is Plug & Play –
you can just order it online and you’re good to go!

Call us to determine what other CNC’s
we can help you with. We’re always happy to hear from you.

“Lights-Out” Manufacturing Through Automation

In many parts of the country, electricity prices are continually rising.
Power providers are charging lower rates to customers who use the majority of their energy
during off-peak hours. By utilizing lights-out manufacturing, machine shops can run during
off-peak hours and save on power bills.

Our solutions such as Predator MDC Software
or Scytec DataXchange can automate processes and allow for lights-out production to become
a reality on your shop floor.

DataXchange Pays for Itself

Decrease downtime by knowing exactly what your machines are doing at all times of the day.

Scytec DataXchange can easily increase uptime by more than 30 minutes per machine, per day! This increase in productivity means the software will typically pay for itself within the first few days of the month.

Imagine the potential savings of knowing when a machine is sitting in
a feed hold, running at a lower feed rate, or if a program stops
altogether. Production will be at an all-time high and the benefits can be substantial.
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