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Looking for USB to Fadal solutions? Need effective Fadal file transfers?

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USB to Fadal machine solutions

More info on our USB CNC solutions, which includes USB to Fadal:

The USB Connect series will eliminate old technology on your CNC machines & bring new life to them with our USB solutions. Tired of CNCs with a floppy disk drive? Looking to add a USB port to your CNC control to transfer NC programs? Our USB Connect products streamline loading & saving of part programs via USB connectivity, as well as drip-feeding to CNCs.

Our Floppy Drive Emulator acts as a USB Floppy Emulator, is easy to install, & requires no system configuration or debugging. It works in PCs & CNC machinery such as Haas, Mazak, Fadal, Mitsubishi, Omniturn, Centroid, Robots, Flame Cutters, & Greco Boxes. We are adding new models to our compatibility list monthly, so call SFA at (877) 611-5825 with your floppy drive Make & Model info so we can confirm the ability to emulate!

Our USB Connect product, in Portable & Pendant models, has flexible DNC firmware built into the unit, allowing connection to just about any machine tool CNC control with a USB directory listing.