Ethernet CNC Hardware

About this Device

  • Ethernet functionality for any CNC machine tool with serial capability
  • Sent program files to/from LAN Connect data server & any CNC
  • Drip-feed from data server – drag & drop files from Windows Explorer to CNC
  • Ethernet connection using standard FTP protocol
  • No special software needed!

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The LAN Connect is DNC drip-feeding solution that has been designed to operate with standard software that comes with a PC such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft. There are no additional licenses or additional interface software requirements to achieve LAN to CNC goals. The data server looks like an FTP hard drive on your network.

A programmer can simply drag and drop a file from their PC to the data server. Once loaded on the server, an operator can load the file into CNC memory or drip-feed a program directly from the data server without using network resources. The data server can be easily made wireless by adding low cost off-the-shelf wireless bridges.

The standard capacity is either 4GB or 8GB memory cards and no special software required. This product has 10/100 Ethernet Speed with a low-cost wireless option also being available.

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