The SFA USB Memory Stick

About our Flashdrive

  • 2GB retractable USB Stick
  • Can be attached to a keyring or similar structure
  • Store programs, documents, photos, music, & more
  • Photo of product displays front & back design
  • Examples of how to best our product are in the Photo Gallery


Whether you need a USB flash drive to keep digital manuals on, to store protocol, or if you just want a souvenir of the great service you received from SFA, we recommend our branded flash drive.

Fun fact: Our 2GB USB stick can store songs and photos, too!

Our flash drives are provided with many pieces of our hardware solutions, as they have the manuals stored on them for our customers. This helps the environment with less use of paper, plus it’s a super convenient way to store this crucial info!

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Tech Specs

Click the top to use or retract when finished. Hang it from a lanyard, a key ring, or loop into your carabiner. Photo of product displays front & back. You will not receive two flash drives by paying quoted price for the single unit.