Okuma Floppy Drive Solution 


  • USB flash drive mimics floppy procedures
  • Replace outdated floppy disks
  • Increase reliability in transfers
  • Save time typing in programs

Final price $775*
*after return of the core unit

Please give us a call to purchase.


Our Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator works on virtually all Okuma controls.  If you have an existing OEM floppy drive in your CNC, this solution will eliminate the hunt for floppy disks and data lost found using your existing system.  If you’re manually typing in part programs because your floppy drive failed, we have the solution for you.

All units come complete with the mainboard and floppy drive to insure 100% functionality.  While some sites provide might provide a generic floppy drive, your mainboard is likely the cause of data loss as well.  You will receive the mainboard (CORE) with an Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator in it.

Software is included to run on a Windows computer to format the USB drive for multiple disks if desired.  Support for 1 to 100 floppy disks can be created.

Support for MS-DOS formatted and OSP format files. Enjoy simplified data backup, user-friendly software, quick installation, and no more floppy disk-related issues in the shop.  No need to modify your system settings.  Retyping programs after data loss or corruption takes precious time and effort – all while exposing you to user errors, inaccuracies and further delays.

What USB sticks will work with the Okuma Floppy?

  • Any brand USB stick
  • Flash drive maximum storage capacity of 16GB
  • FAT format


  • Copy IGF Files off Floppy Disk to a USB drive for a service fee of $350
  • Receive credit for returning the CORE mainboard within 15 days
    ($1455 purchase price, core return $695, your net price $755)

Okuma Floppy DriveTech Specs

  • Replaces OEM floppy drive
  • Plug and play installation
  • Includes software to format the drive
  • Includes 2 GB thumb drive
  • All support is included
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Two SFA USB drives lying on top of a floppy drive emulator.