dataxchange machine monitoring webinar

A TV monitor on a shop floor beam displaying the status of various machines via Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring software.

DataXchange Webinar Topics:

  • Quick overview of Scytec DataXchange
  • What is the benefit of machine monitoring?
  • Charting and Reporting
  • Historical and Real-Time Dashboard
  • Mobile Apps, plus email/text notifications
  • Types of Data Collected
  • Multiple Concurrent Cycle Types
  • Planned and Unplanned Downtimes
  • Part Numbers, Good Parts

More topics:

  • Query multiple Sources of Data
  • Configurable Logic Expression
  • Licensing Levels and Pricing
  • Cost of lost productivity and the effect it has on your margins
  • Real-time data of active machines ready for new tasks increases productivity
  • Typical customers see a ten-fold return on their investment

Benefits & Ease of Use:

  • Low monthly fee with no commitment
  • Based Only on Equipment
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Different prices for different data collection methods
  • MTConnect, FOCAS, Hardware, Tabler, Barcode & more
  • Scalability for small shops & large plants
  • Multi-Plant, Multiple Language, Across Time Zones
  • Improve shop efficiencies with the Cloud

More info about Machine Monitoring:

Machine Monitoring gives you the ability to see what your machines are doing in real-time. Collect & process data from your machines using software like MTConnect, FANUC FOCAS, custom macros, or hardware devices. Optional data collection terminals can be used for additional operator input. Runtime, downtime, & OEE data is then presented via dashboards, historical reports, & charts.  Emails or text messages can be sent to notify you of production issues on the shop floor.