DataXchange Operator Data Interface (ODI)


How do you use the Scytec DataXchange Operator Data Interface? DataXchange will run on a PC, Windows tablet, Android, or iPad.

The interface will look exactly the same, no matter which interface you are running it on. Entering downtimes are really easy – just choose which machine you want to control.


For quality issues –  just highlight that reason code and hit “start new status.” Instantly, the database sees your new status and starts collecting time against that.

The color will change to reflect the change, and each of these colors represents the current status of that particular machine.

Planned Downtimes & Cycle Times

Planned downtimes displayed can range from breaks, setup, and teardown. The cycle button is really only used if you’re manually tracking cycle time.

In most cases, we’re actually going to get the cycle time from your machine automatically, but perhaps you have a manual process you want to track? Maybe you could have a cycle time called “inspection”? Just push a button to start a timer to say they’re inspecting parts.


Previously known as the Data Entry window, the Operator Data Interface (ODI) is a sleek, easy-to-use feature for manual data input from the machinist.

Easily see what status your machine is in and how long it has been in that status. For instance, if you want to put in an unplanned downtime, click a button from a drop-down list that is user-definable. Enjoy as many reason codes as you want!

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Part Numbers

Import your part numbers from your ERP system, and somebody could go in here and type that they are looking for a specific part number, then it will filter down. Choose the part number and start a new status. You can also collect the part counts from some machines, or manually enter a part count.


You can also enter scrap reasons and scrap count. Plug in your number, and you have reason codes for your scrap – again, completely user definable.

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