Predator DNC Mori

A DMG Mori Ultrasonic 20 CNC machine.

What is Mori Server?

Mori Server is a protocol for data transmission that allows the transfer of part programs between a PC and a Mori Seiki CNC controller.


Mori Server Error

Keep coming up with a Mori Server Error? It could be due to the limitations of the operating system on the new computer.

Most installations were running the software on Windows 2000 and it may not be compatible with new operating systems. With Predator Secure DNC running on all the latest operating system, you will be free of errors.

Upgrade to Secure DNC

Predator Secure DNC is a Windows application built to be installed on Windows-based CNC’s, robots, and other manufacturing equipment. Equipment with an Ethernet interface uses the TCP/IP protocol to accomplish these functions.

This feature enables the secure, encrypted transfer of part programs and other machine data, via a shop floor network. It is streamlined, efficient and simple to use.

Secure DNC supports most versions of Windows, including Windows 95 and similar outdated operating systems. However, it also supports Windows versions up through Windows 10, so the newest Windows-based CNC controllers are fully supported.

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