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Predator Secure DNC

Secure Features

  • Eliminates requirements of corporate domains, workgroups, or Windows Shares
  • Supports older Windows versions of operating systems on CNC controller
  • Wireless or wired Ethernet interface via TCP/IP
  • Works for Windows-based CNC machines, CMMs, test stands, and other equipment

Predator Secure DNC

This Windows-based Predator application helps make secure program transfers an easier and safer process across many Windows-based CNC controllers. The application is a headless Windows product designed to be installed on any equipment on the shop floor.

The product uses a standard TCP/IP protocol and included with Predator DNC and DNC Enterprise. Think about all the network-based CNCs in your shop, are they secure and protected? Use CNC file transfer software with a specific security feature in mind!

Benefits of Using Secure DNC

Many shops have older CNCs that still run legacy operating systems but can’t afford to upgrade the controller or the machine tool builder does not provide an upgrade path to the latest operating system.  Or the IT Department is not sure how to integrate the latest CNC to the network without security risks.

  • No extra cost for the solution
  • Integrate all types of legacy equipment
  • Common application between all equipment
  • Transparent CNC network security
  • Reduce or eliminate cost for upgrades to older equipment
  • Standardized communication protocol
  • Compress, encrypt and authenticate transmissions each and every time

Be sure to contact us, if you have any questions on the compatibility with your equipment.

IT Department Challenges

While most machines can easily be connected to the corporate network, there are always risks. We help bridge the gap between the IT Department and the shop floor by using a standard across all equipment. IT Departments are already fighting hackers and viruses – they don’t need to add more to their daily tasks.  Predator Secure DNC will secure your shop floor by eliminating these challenges:

  • Security Risks
  • Unsupported O/S
  • Workgroups
  • Homegroups
  • Domains
  • FTP
  • Windows Shares
  • Time and money to maintain equipment

How does it work?

“The best way to explain how it’s helpful is that it allows secure file transfers to CNC machines through firewalls,” said one of our techs at SFA, who is experienced with Secure DNC. “For example, if a shop has Windows-based machines and strict network security, they can send directly to the hard drive of the machine without interfering with the network, or without creating additional security risks.” Another one of our techs also added that “you no longer need to share unsecured folders on machines.”

  • Can be loaded on the CNC controller and runs as executable – nothing needs to be installed
  • Runs under Windows operating systems dating back to Windows 95, 98. ME, XP, 7, 8, and Server 2000, 2003, 2008
  • Easy to set up on the CNC and DNC Server

Networking your cnc Machine Tool

With Predator Secure DNC, if your CNC machine tool needs to interface with your network, a single device can act as an agent between the CNC network and the corporate network. This means that you can represent an entire group of devices to outside networks with only a single unique IP address.

Scenarios for DNC software utilization:

  • CNC control is connected directly to a robot that is utilizing the only Ethernet port and it cannot be placed directly on the corporate network
    • Example: Fanuc CNC control is talking directly to the Fanuc Robot
  • CNC control is tied down to a dissimilar IP scheme that doesn’t fall in line with your corporate network
    • Example: Fanuc limits IP range to – and the corporate network is 10.100.0/24
  • CNC Control is connected directly to a cell controller or pallet system that is consuming the only Ethernet port and it needs to stay off the corporate network
    • Example: Fastems, Mazak PALLETECH, & other pallet handling systems
  • CNC control’s sole Ethernet port is directly connected to an internal pallet and/or tool changer
    • Example: Yasda CNC with third party tool changer and pallet system
  • Putting the CNC control on the network will drastically increase traffic on the corporate or machine network
    • Example: Sensors reading data in hertz can flood a network with traffic

At SFA, we have extensive knowledge and the hardware solutions necessary to solve the shop floor networking issues found in most manufacturing environments. Contact us today for help navigating your network communication issues.