Can I dripfeed to my CNC with DNC Software?

Yes, DNC Software will allow you to dripfeed large part programs that exceed the memory of the control line by line.  This is like streaming the code to the machine.  The software can be configured to support XON/XOFF (software handshake) and RTS/CTS (hardware handshake) protocols.  Depending on the controller, you may have to use XMODEM or other machine-specific control protocols to allow dripfeeding.

Most CNCs have limited internal memory and by dripfeeding a large part program can eliminate the problem.  Dripfeeding allows you to run any size program from your computer’s local hard drive or file server.  The control buffers the part program then processes each line of NC program as the DNC software send the file.  There are times when you might break a tool and need to restart in the middle of the program, which the DNC Software can accomplish.

Dripfeeding multiple machines at the same time using DNC software will save time and money.  As machine tools become more complex and run multi-axis, the part program typically become larger and CAM Systems do an excellent job of optimizing tool paths.  But waiting to send to one machine at a time, or loading from external devices, PCMCIA cards or laptops, can cost you hundreds of dollars running a large part program.  A true DNC software should allow you to send, receive and simultaneously transfer like Predator DNC Software.