Solutions for Okuma CNC Machines

Productivity solutions for Okuma CNC equipment on your shop floor. Upgrade your controller’s RS232 port, send programs and track data.

You can transform RS232 to USB easily. Dedicate one unit to a machine, or carry a portable unit throughout the production area.

Replace floppy drives so you no longer have to seek out floppy disks. Check out your options below!

Our Okuma Solutions

  • File transfers for Okuma users
  • Add USB ports via RS232 ports
  • Floppy drive replacements
  • Drip-feeding and machine monitoring
  • Bridge for technological gaps

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Popular Okuma Automation  Software

  • If you want to monitor OEE and other activity on an Okuma, they are on the MTConnect compatibility list, so it is possible to purchase machine monitoring for this equipment
  • Can you use DNC Software on an Okuma? Yes! More information 
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NOTE: Additional hardware may be required in order to use the software properly. You will be asked for a detailed list of equipment to ensure the system will work!

USB Connect Portable

  • Portable aluminum enclosure
  • Drip-feed with single button repeat operation
  • Mid-tape start with search function
  • Connects via RS232 serial port with 4 line LCD display
  • Eliminates need for expensive memory upgrades

Pendant USB Connect

  • All Portable USB features, but with pendant mount
  • Great solution for smaller shops with fewer machines
  • Easy to install on any CNC
  • We also carry Switchbox & Mazak specific models
A Floppy Drive Emulator specifically designed for Okuma CNC machines, accompanied by a shot of an Okuma machine.

Okuma Floppy Emulator Core Replacement

  • Instructions are given for easy installation
  • No need for Floppy Disks anymore
  • An Okuma rebate is available!