LAN Connect – Remote Model

About this device

  • Transfer NC programs to machines without walking to PC
  • Enables more operator control – no special software required!
  • Anyone on network can drag & drop files to CNC server
  • Send files in CNC memory to data server for access to all on network
  • Use FTP protocol & network cables for secure transfers


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Just because your legacy machine has RS232 serial ports, does not mean you can’t bring it to the latest technology. While the LAN Connect (LAN to CNC) serves the needs of most users to queue the file for the operators to run the NC programs, some shops like to give the operator control. This is where the LAN Connect Remote comes in.

Like many newer CNC machines, the LAN Connect Remote will provide a simple way to transfer NC programs to the machine without walking to the PC.  Remotely retrieve programs or save changes to the PC with speed and simplicity.

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Tech Specs

Want reliability? You have it! Using FTP protocol and network cabling between your machines almost guarantees successful transfer.

In addition, the LAN Connect Remote also supports a function in which anyone on the network can drag and drop files to the CNC server where they can be transferred to machine memory or drip-fed (DNC). Conversely, files residing in CNC memory can be sent to the data server where they can be accessed by anyone on the network.

The operator pulls files from server location and PC access is not required. Ethernet connection using standard FTP protocol. No special software required.