LAN Connect – Remote Model

About this device

  • Stand at your CNC controller and remotely pull files from the server/workstation
  • Add Ethernet functionality to any CNC machine tool with an RS232 serial port
  • No special software, use FTP protocol built-in to Windows Explorer
  • Transfer NC program files to/from the LAN Connect’s 8GB storage from any computer
  • Send, receive to the CNC memory using high-speed baud rates
  • Drip feed to your CNC if your controller has limited memory
  • Connect via standard Ethernet cabling
  • Eliminate data loss, comm port issues, and software compatibility conflicts
  • Go wireless by adding a wireless bridge to the unit (sold separately)


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Just because your legacy machine has RS232 serial ports, does not mean you can’t bring it to the latest technology. While the LAN Connect serves the needs of most users to queue the file for the operators to run the NC programs, some shops like to give the operator control. This is where the LAN Connect Remote comes in.

Like many newer CNC machines, the LAN Connect Remote will provide a simple way to transfer NC programs to the machine without walking to the PC.  Remotely retrieve programs or save changes to the PC with speed and simplicity.

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Tech Specs

  • Ethernet speed: 10/100 MPS
  • Protocols: Software, hardware, and X-modem handshaking
  • Supports drip-feed for the above Protocols (assumes your CNC has this functionality)
  • Baud Rates: 1200 – 115,200K supported
  • 4 Line Display – allows directory and file selection, easy to read!
  • Stand-alone DNC transfer box solution; eliminate PC, Software, Maintenance Contract
  • Power requirements: Pigtail lead for powering from 90 AC – 240 AC power
  • Pull files remotely from your CNC controller using display and FTP software included
  • Includes 8 GB of storage
  • No special Software Required
  • Connects to the RS232 serial port on your CNC Machine
  • Complete install and operating manual included
  • 1- Year Warranty with Live Technical Support in the USA (Phone/Email)
  • Made in the USA – Buy American