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Cloud Machine Monitoring vs. On Premise: Which is Better for Your Manufacturing Site?

Cloud Machine Monitoring vs. On Premise: Which is Better? Cloud machine monitoring is often compared to on premise machine monitoring. Which is better for your manufacturing site? Find out in this guide. The CNC machine market is expected to reach $76.22 billion by the end of 2020. As someone who’s decided to get machine monitoring for your business, […]

How To Choose the Right Machine Monitoring Solution

If you’re among the 12.28 million Americans who work in the manufacturing industry, you likely are constantly looking for ways to streamline your operations. Machine monitoring systems are a great way to do this by letting you remotely see what your machines are doing in real-time. Here, we’re going to learn how you can choose a machine […]


Why You Should Skip Free DNC Software

The benefits of DNC software when it comes to managing your CNC programs, machine parameters, and offsets are well known. As a result, many businesses look to offer some form of DNC software or their own, ranging from thousands of dollars to absolutely free. While free DNC software options may seem like a great deal, […]

What is the Best DNC Software?

Known for their ability to streamline shop floor processes, boost productivity, and generally make your manufacturing process easier, industry leaders rely on DNC software across the board. However, when it comes to determining the best DNC software for your specific needs, it can be challenging to sort through all the information and confusion out there. […]

Predator DNC – 5 Reasons That Now is the Time to Buy

For many years, Shop Floor Automations has been touting the efficacy of Predator DNC software. With a host of specialized features designed to help you optimize your shop floor equipment and processes, putting this software to work for you could just change the way your facility operates for the better. Providing a consolidated, industrial networking […]

What Does DNC Stand for in Machining?

At its most elementary, DNC stands for Distributive Numerical Control in machining. Also known as Direct Numerical Control, DNC technology allows one single computer to be networked with multiple machines to create a faster, more cohesive, and productive shop floor ecosystem. But that definition is just the beginning of what DNC means for industrial and […]

Season’s greetings to you and yours!

Thank you for your business, your partnership, and your friendship. We love what we do and that’s because we enjoy working with you all so much. Things get hectic this time of year. We want to provide you with our holiday schedule so you’ll know when you can reach us.   Thursday Dec 24th – Office closes at noon. Friday […]

Comparing Manual Transfer vs DNC System Technologies

Our manufacturing environment relies heavily upon fully integrated and automated computerization systems for greater precision, accuracy, and convenience. From the simple numerical control systems of the 1940s to the wide breadth of integrated Distributive Numerical Control (DNC) system technologies we have today, these advancements are continuing to improve the way we automate shop floors and […]


See us in Manufacturing News – Nov 2020

  Manufacturing News – November 2020 Shop Floor Automations’ ad in Manufacturing News this past month of November 2020. Please take a look and see what else is going on in the Manufacturing News Nov. 2020 issue. There are some foundational abilities that a Shop Floor needs to have to compete in 2021 and beyond. […]