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  • Sign-up in June, and get two weeks free!
  • Includes 4 hours of support and training
  • Up to 10 machines
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Our promotion continues, as we want to do something to help manufactures during these uncertain times.  Our support is not limited to specific manufacturing industries who are making COVID products, everyone is essential in manufacturing.

Several clients have reached out and set up our system to capture real-time data while they are away from the office or have limited employees in the shop.  We have uncovered downtime and helped notify everyone through text and emails messaging when the machines are sitting in an optional stop for minutes, sometimes hours before they are put back into cycle.

Sign up for DataXchange Machine monitoring and the first two weeks are free!

A screenshot of Scytec machine monitoring software, showing the uptime, downtime, and productivity of various machines.

Machine Downtime screen, showing the status of a Doosan machine.
equipment status