Answers to Common MTConnect Questions

what is mtconnect

How do you install MTConnect?

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How is MTConnect Installed?

To keep it simple, machine tool builders or third-party integrators provide an MTConnect Adapter that communicates to the machine via their proprietary or non-standard format. Then, an MTConnect Agent provides structured XML that is free for anyone to use. We invite you to contact us for a quote and for more in-depth information.

What is MTConnect?

MTConnect is a standard for formatting and transmitting data produced by manufacturing equipment so that it can be processed by software applications. Common uses for this technology are real-time machine monitoring, and historical reporting using charts, graphs, and other visual representations of a shop’s performance. The protocol enables more attainable and less cost-prohibitive manufacturing productivity.

What makes Shop Floor Automations (SFA) qualified to answer MTConnect questions?

SFA is an MTConnect Institute Roster Member and we have been providing free insight on the protocol for quite a few years now. Our MTConnect compatible best-sellers are DataXchange and Predator MDC.

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