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Cycling Teardown Downtime Idle Dashboard

View a real-time demo of the MDC Executive Dashboard

Predator MDC Executive is an easy-to-use, browser-based dashboard which provides an executive overview without having to install Predator MDC software. Recently, v11.0.5 was released for MDC Executive – this update helps to be able to easily use Executive from touch-based tablets, smartphones, and even touchscreen PCs.

A site license for Executive comes with v11 of both MDC Enterprise Administrator and MDC Administrator.

NOTE: Supports Microsoft Internet Explorer & Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

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Includes Predator DNC Enterprise, of Predator DNC

Every Predator MDC/x Enterprise includes Predator DNC/x Enterprise while every Predator MDC/x license includes Predator DNC/x for integrated Send to CNC, Receive from CNC and drip-feed operation.

Choose from three editions:

  • Predator MDC Express
  • Predator MDC
  • Predator MDC Enterprise

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