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DataXchange Key Features

  • SFA is an official, trusted reseller of DataXchange
  • Pay monthly with no long term contract!
  • We can house the servers – you provide the data
  • You can also use DataXchange on-premise
  • Unlimited reporting & charting licenses
  • Track multiple cycle time types & access data from anywhere


Reports and charts that display OEE and IIoT info from Scytec DataXchange help improve machine utilization and minimize downtime.  “Collecting data from the machines is one thing, but utilizing the data for actionable results is critical in order to convert manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence,” Scytec proclaims to customers.

Timelines, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, trends, downtime Pareto, scrap Pareto, histograms, plots, comparisons, and more can be charted. These charts can be displayed in the real-time dashboard of the program, which includes being able to save group or personalized chart templates, and the ability to export this data to CSV or Excel.

“DataXchange is a Cloud and On-Premise manufacturing machine monitoring system,” Scytec says of their services. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, they were able to create this program from scratch. “Increasing utilization by roughly 30 minutes per machine will cover the cost of the software. How about the gains of knowing when machines are running at a lower feed rate, a program stop, or sitting in feed hold?  The software typically pays for itself within the first few days of each month.”

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Scytec Reseller

Features: Enjoy a real-time manufacturing dashboard, machine downtime tracking, shop floor data entry, tracking overrides, mobile equipment status, reports, charts, overall equipment effectiveness, and data collection.

Track multiple types of cycle time: Scytec DataXchange has the ability to track multiple types of cycle time. For example, cycle time can be tracked from a hardware adapter and through MTConnect or FANUC FOCAS. Reporting on metrics such as utilization and efficiency can then be run on both sets of cycle time and the two can be compared. Another example is to collect spindle time along with load to unload time.

Support for MTConnect & FANUC FOCAS Ethernet protocols: Scytec DataXchange supports Ethernet-based protocols such as FANUC FOCAS and MTConnect greatly reducing or eliminating hardware at each piece of equipment.

New Features & Updates: DataXchange is constantly being changed, updated, and improved! Click the button below for more info.

machine downtime
oee utilization

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src hardware

More info on Machine Monitoring by clicking here.

Collect from Ethernet or RS232 based devices
In addition to supporting the latest technologies, DataXchange also supports RS232 serial devices such as CNC machines, CMM’s, scanners, and RFID hardware.

Collect from CNC machines, PLCs, or even manual machines
While collecting from equipment with the latest technology (such as MTConnect) is great, many times there’s a need to collect from manual equipment. Keying off of voltage, current, or presence sensors are all methods used as input into DataXchange to identify the state of the equipment.

If the Internet connection is lost, data is retained and automatically uploaded once the connection is restored:
Temporary loss of internet connectivity will not cause the loss of any data. If the data collection terminal running DataXchange locally cannot connect to any of the hosted servers, the data will be retained locally and uploaded as soon as the internet connection is restored.

Got a Legacy Machine? You need the Status Relay Control (SRC):

The SRC helps simplify ease of collection from equipment via a signal/combo of signals. Connect to outputs from another system (EXAMPLE: a CNC, a PLC, or devices like a proximity sensor). Scytec DataXchange reads all inputs of status to help users create a better understanding of their machines. More SRC info here.

Configurable logic expressions without writing any code:
One key requirement for a successful data collection system is accurate data. However, equipment varies tremendously making accurate data collection difficult. Therefore, in order to collect accurate data, the system must be powerful, flexible, yet easy to use and maintain. When you see DataXchange, you will be impressed! A few examples include adding criteria to determine if a piece of equipment is cycling or not using a friendly user interface. Compare the status reported by the equipment to the status in the data collection system to determine if an update is needed. These are just a few examples of the strengths of the configurable logic expressions in DataXchange.

How to use the DataXchange Modified Time Stamp

How to modify the time stamp of events, such as unplanned downtime, in DataXchange!

How to Use the DataXchange Data Entry Screen

Check out our tutorial on how easy it is to enter downtime reasons, scrap reasons & more!

DataXchange Cloud Data

Wondering what happens to your data in the Cloud?

Charting, Reporting & Viewing

View and report on your data from anywhere:

In the facility, on the road, from home; the data is available at all times from any location accessible from a PC, a tablet or a phone.


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  • Low start up cost
  • Month-to-month
  • No term commitment
  • Software updates included
  • Support included
  • No web or database servers to maintain
  • Automatic updates every few months


  • Traditional upfront software purchase
  • Annual maintenance for updates and support
  • Web and database servers required
  • Updates must be installed on the server
  • All data stays on the company network

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