Okuma Floppy Drive Solution 

Floppy drive core replacement for Okuma machines

Need to replace your Okuma’s floppy drive?

  • USB flash drive mimics Floppy procedures
  • Replace outdated Floppy Disks
  • Easy Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator Core replacement
  • Holds the same amount of Data on USB stick that Floppy disk does
  • Ask about a credit for your old Okuma Floppy Drive core!

Floppy Emulator for Okuma CNC Machines

Our Floppy Drive Emulator works on numerous Controls. However, this product is specific to Okuma machine tool controls. You will receive the floppy drive core with an Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator in it. This is a core replacement where we ship you the entire Floppy core for an Okuma with a Floppy emulator.

Handles MS-DOS formatted and OSP format files. Enjoy simplified data backup, user-friendly software, quick installation, and no more floppy disk related issues in the shop.  No need to modify your system settings.

Other services we can offer to Okuma machine users:

  • Copy IGF Files off Floppy Disk to a USB drive for a service fee of $350
  • Get a credit of $695 when your old core and floppy drive are removed from the Okuma and are shipped to SFA (this must be done within 15 days of purchasing our Okuma Floppy product, in order to get the credit)

This device is easy to install and requires no system configuration or debugging. For other controls, please contact our Sales Department. The drive emulates your existing floppy drive to act as if the floppy drive was never removed.  This product will not increase your drive space.

Order comes with a 2GB USB Flash Drive with product manual on it, for your convenience.

For file size concerns, call 877-611-5825, and we recommend you check out the Portable USB or the Pendant USB.

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