Predator DNC Software is a communication program to send CNC programs, offsets, parameters, CNC variables, and other manufacturing data to and from your CNC machine tools.  The application supports 50 unique industrial protocols for drip-feeding, downloading, and uploading files using RS-232, RS-422, Ethernet, and wireless Ethernet.  The program supports various formats of CNC programs includes ISO, conversational, and binary file formats.

DNC is an acronym that has two historical definitions. The first is Direct Numerical Control. The second is Distributed Numerical Control. Today DNC means the software or system used to communicate between CNC machines and a PC. Sometimes users confuse the use of the term DNC to also mean dripfeed. The primary purpose of every DNC system is to bi-directionally transfer CNC programs from the PC server to the CNC’s memory or hard drive. DNC systems typically include three main features. The first is Send to CNC from the PC often called Downloading. The second is Receive from CNC to the PC often called Uploading. The third is Dripfeeding which is a special form of Send to CNC from the PC where the machine runs the actual CNC program while the DNC system send it. The primary use of dripfeeding is when the CNC program is so large that it can’t fit in the CNC’s memory.

Predator DNC was first written in 1995 and since then has been developed to interface with hundreds of modern and legacy controllers to meet the needs of manufacturers and machine shops.

To learn more about Predator Software, follow our link about DNC Software.

A screenshot of DNC software with text that reads "Network your shop floor with one complete solution - Predator DNC Software".