Predator PDM Icon, which is a turquoise gear with clip art images of a locked safe and two paper documents in the center.

Predator PDM

PDM Key Features

  • Paperless manufacturing-driven Production Data Management (PDM)
  • Designed to organize & control CNC programs
  • Master your setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents, & more
  • Complete revision control
  • Integration with DNC, CNC Editor, Virtual CNC, MDC, & Tracker.


  • Manufacturing-driven document management
  • Best practice workflow
  • Multiple vaults with secure viewing
  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Users, groups, and 140+ permissions
  • Open API and database architecture
  • Paperless factory with CNC revision control
  • Includes Microsoft Office Viewers,
  • Comes with Adobe Reader
  • Solidworks eDrawings is included
  • Integrates with Predator DNC, Predator Virtual CNC, Predator CNC Editor, Predator MDC, and Predator Tracker
  • Use your existing ERP and MES bar-coded paperwork
  • Upgrade to Predator SFC

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Predator PDM integrates with other Predator Software products!

Predator DNC

Have PDM? Download released CNC programs to their CNC machines using Predator DNC.

Predator MDC

PDM users can initiate manual data collection events such as a job start, part start, operation start, setup start, etc. easily with Predator MDC.

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Predator Tracker

Machinists using PDM can view tools, cutters, inserts, and gages with Predator Tracker.

Predator Virtual CNC Predator PDM Setup Sheets & Predator CNC Editor

CNC programmers using PDM can verify CNC programs with full 3D machine simulation using Predator Virtual CNC, or Predator CNC Editor, with a single click.

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