Ascendant XYZPRO32 EditPlus

XYZPRO32 Key Features

  • 32-bit CNC code editor & backplotter
  • Easy to use – Drag & Drop, Search & Replace, etc.
  • Create Mirror imaging & Style Sheets
  • Developed with many machine shop productivity features


XYZPro32 EditPlus has been designed and developed with great precision and care. XYZPro is not only user-friendly but created with the machine shop in mind. This extremely versatile but easy to use package creates an environment that allows for less error and greater efficiency. This software is designed to simplify your work and improve your productivity.

Drag & Drop your files to and from XYZPRO32 EditPlus

  • Manage large CNC files up to 64 megabytes without adding RAM
  • Edit multiple CNC files at the same time
  • Virtually unlimited undo levels
  • File management database to help you keep track of your CNC files
  • Read in a 40MB file in less than 1 minute on a Pentium-III
  • Online help & help tips

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Ascendant XYZpro

XYZPRO32 Backplotter

  • Simply the industry’s fastest and most flexible wire-frame backplotter available.
xyzpro backplot

Create Style Sheets to configure your editing sessions to all your machines

  • Mass editing of your files or portions of files
  • Sequencing, resequencing, and un-sequencing of files
  • Perform math to code, such as changing all your feed rates by 10%

Many Shop Math utilities built-in

  • Calculate triangles
  • Drill point depths
  • Convert polygons
  • Custom and user-definable charts

Setup style sheets to work with a variety of machine tool control styles

  • Positioning and informational display while you plot
  • Plot subroutines fast and easy
  • Plot many auto-cycle routines of manufacturer’s controls
  • Plot in background, while you work on other projects

Super fast plotting of your code

  • Plot over 90,000 lines of code per minute on a Pentium-III

Mirror imaging of any axis in your code

  • Adjust code spacing to improve readability
  • Create line, arc, and bolt circle patterns automatically

Search and Replace

  • Set bookmarks in your code for fast and easy navigation while editing
  • Background processing enables work in other applications while performing large tasks
  • Fast file saving, loading and navigating

Setup tools, offsets & cutter compensation

  • Accurate visual representation of your parts
  • Plot the whole file or just portions of it

Verification of your CNC code, before you put it on your lathe or milling machine

  • Single stepping forward and backward through your code
  • Spot errors on screen instead of on metal

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