Who Benefits from JobPack & How

Everyone, from production managers to owners to IT staff, can benefit from production management software. Boost the efficiency of your shop floor by uncovering bottlenecks, unlocking best practices, and unleashing hidden potential.

The software that helps accomplish these goals is easily implemented and adaptable. Work through various production scenarios and priorities, make quick corrections, and maximize throughput. More specific benefits listed below!


  • Evaluating diagnostics of machines helps them run better
  • Improve planned production time vs actual production time via reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis
  • Uncover downtime causes due to management, electrical issues, or programming problems
  • Reveal and correct future bottlenecks ahead of time
  • Make and keep on time promises – even get jobs out earlier
  • Can use without having an ERP system or integrate with existing system
  • Notifications tailored to your needs – email, screen pop-ups, etc.
  • First-year JobPack users have improved on-time delivery rates by 10% to 15%, even higher!

Administrative Roles

  • Owner or CEO – Increase on-time deliveries as much as 17 percent. Leverage data you already have to increase productivity. Run various scenarios to make better decisions for VIP clients.
  • IT Staff – JobPack will install the software so IT does not have to. “What if” scenarios run in test-case mode, which can be reversed and does not impact the live environment of the shop floor. Easy server-to-server migration via a straightforward admin process.

Want more info?

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Industrial Roles

  • Plant & Operations Managers – Lower risk of disruption with side-by-side comparisons. Change operations results with ERP data. Make quick adjustments based on machine utilization or staff changes, such as machinists out sick or compensating for the MFG skills gap. Run end-of-day reports to track production progress.
  • Purchase & Finance Managers – Get enhanced pricing guidance and sales staff management data. A better insight of projected costs vs actual costs. Data for end-of-month budgets.The visual scheduling system helps to forecast exactly when what materials are needed. Stop spending extra fees for rush orders, unnecessary inventory costs, and avoid having to give out customer discounts as consolation for late jobs.