Hardware Solutions

Shop Floor Automations hardware has you covered with a complete connectivity suite. Regardless of your number of machines, or types of controls, we can enhance your equipment with our proven solutions. If you’re frustrated with trying to figure it on your own, too busy, tried other solutions but left you without technical support, we are here to help.  Using nearly 75 years of combined knowledge & implementations for thousands of customers, we know what works and what does. We have a team to solve the problem you are facing.

We make our own RS232 serial cables & regularly test hundreds of models of controls with our equipment to confirm compatibility with wired, wireless, USB, & CNC floppy disk drives. Don’t replace legacy machines or overspend on proprietary solutions to improve CNC file transfers – give us a call.

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Welcome to the Connect Series!

Ethernet Connect – Link via Ethernet to CNC machines with wired & wireless options.

Wireless Connect – Wireless CNC Connectivity,  Wireless Access Points, and Wireless CNC interfaces for machine tools plus more. Improved machine program transfers.

Serial Connect – USB to Serial, RS232 Serial Cables, RS232 Adapters, Testers, Fanuc cables, & more.

USB Connect – We can get you standardized on USB technology – add USB ports to CNC machines in your shop! Add USB to any CNC for Haas, Mazak, Okuma, Mitsubishi and hundreds of other machines. Drip feed CNC programs efficiently.

Floppy Connect –  Off-the-shelf Floppy Drive Emulator will enable floppy disk to USB drive replacement. Floppy USB emulators help modernize old equipment.

Tape Reader Connect – Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) solutions to replace paper tape and enable drip feeding on older CNC controls.

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We encourage you to call & speak with one of our Account  Executives at (877) 611-5825. Will will evaluate your needs & see how we can deliver the best solutions for you. Our knowledge and experience is free to you. Let’s start the conversation!