Predator Virtual CNC

Predator Virtual CNC

Release Notes

December 15th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.1.243
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds new reverse post processor parameter CONTROL_MODEL
  2. Adds new reverse post processor drilling option for BottomCCW neutral
  3. Adds new reverse post processor parameter WORKCOORDANDGT_ENABLED for different transformations
  4. Adds new Haas UMC series default reverse post processor
  5. Adds lathe turret support to the Animation model
  6. Adds STL holder collision support to the Animation model
  7. Adds ambient light color configuration
  8. Adds methods to control dialog modality to the Predator Virtual CNC ocx control
  9. Improves tool edge support to include flutes on end mills and drills
  10. Improves Animation model when machining existing collision surfaces
  11. Improves Haas reverse post processors to support transformations with work coordinates
  12. Improves reporting the name and line numbers for reverse post processing errors
  13. Improves custom tool shape processing when drilling on lathes
  14. Improves Fagor G68 turning cycle support for the H register
  15. Improves Fagor G68 turning cycle with D0
  16. Improves Fagor lathe cycles start points for G81, G82, G84 and G85
  17. Improves Fagor 8055 default reverse postprocessor for G83
  18. Improves Fagor reverse postprocessor support for parenthesis within expressions
  19. Improves lathe roughing cycles with cutter compensation
  20. Improves lathe roughing cycles with cutter compensation
  21. Improves lathe roughing cycles with arc-arc intersections
  22. Improves mixing polar coordinates and standard coordinates
  23. Fixes a spelling error bug within a reverse post processor error message
  24. Fixes a bug with disabling and enabling light sources
  25. Fixes a bug with disabling and enabling tool edges
  26. Fixes a bug with tool colors
  27. Fixes a bug with lathe roughing when the last contour element was an arc
  28. Fixes a bug with canceling cutter comp and tool length

October 8th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.1.176
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Complex tool holder support to Lathe Turbo model
  2. Adds Transparency support to Lathe Turbo model
  3. Adds Independent lathe tool holder selection
  4. Adds Lathe turret support to Lathe Turbo model
  5. Adds r_Haas_TypeII register within the reverse post
  6. Adds r_turn_cycle_X_roughallow register within the reverse post
  7. Adds r_turn_cycle_Y_roughallow register within the reverse post
  8. Adds r_gencycle_feed_plunge register within the reverse post
  9. Adds Haas lathe maximum spindle speed G26 support
  10. Improves Performance of Animation models
  11. Improves Display of Animation model transparency
  12. Improves Macro Variable display to clear after restart vs. program end
  13. Improves Lathe Turbo model with certain mill tool shapes and model restarts
  14. Improves Lathe Turbo model with manual part rotations and positions
  15. Improves Lathe Turbo model to support start angle when threading
  16. Improves Lathe Turbo model to respect solid edge preference
  17. Improves Lathe cycles to support complex feeds and speeds
  18. Improves Tool holder display and collision detection
  19. Improves Lathe window titles
  20. Improves Lathe cycles support of prefinish passes
  21. Improves Performance of Lathe Solid models
  22. Improves Reverse post processing error messages
  23. Improves Lathe cycle verification and simulation
  24. Improves Support for multiple feed rates within a single lathe cycle
  25. Improves Complex lathe roughing cycles with multiple pockets
  26. Improves Siemens CYCLE95 feed rates and rounding support
  27. Improves Custom tool shape profile support
  28. Improves Lighting dialog
  29. Removes Automatic STLFix desktop shortcut from the install
  30. Fixes a bug with Animation+Backplot
  31. Fixes a bug with last error register
  32. Fixes a bug within Fanuc lathe cycle G70 after a G71 or G72 cycle
  33. Fixes a bug with multiple pockets within a lathe cycle
  34. Fixes a bug with complex toolholders

August 14th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.1.121
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Siemens Sinumerik CYCLE93 lathe groove cycle support
  2. Adds Siemens Sinumerik CYCLE94 lathe undercut cycle support per DIN 509
  3. Adds Siemens Sinumerik CYCLE95 lathe roughing cycle support
  4. Adds Siemens Sinumerik CYCLE96 lathe thread undercut cycle support per DIN 76
  5. Adds Siemens Sinumerik CYCLE97 lathe threading cycle support
  6. Adds Siemens Sinumerik CYCLE98 lathe multiple thread cycle support
  7. Adds Siemens Sinumerik chamfer support via CHR=, CHF= and ,C
  8. Adds Siemens Sinumerik rounding support via RND=, RNDM= and ,R
  9. Adds support for lathe chamfer and rounding within lathe cycles
  10. Adds 7 new lathe cycle error messages
  11. Improves existing lathe warning messages
  12. Improves Fanuc G73/G75 lathe cycle support
  13. Improves lathe cycles with cutter compensation support
  14. Improves lathe cycles with very complex profiles
  15. Improves Siemens Sinumerik 840D reverse post
  16. Improves Fanuc 16i TA reverse post
  17. Improves Installation processes when updating an existing installation
  18. Fixes several minor lathe cycle bugs

July 14th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.1.78
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds automated versioning of critical files
  2. Improves processing of lathe arcs
  3. Improves in-process inspection of partial models
  4. Fixes a bug with global and local variables within the same CNC program
  5. Fixes a bug with 360º arcs
  6. Fixes a bug with saving binary STL files within the STLFIX utility
  7. Fixes a bug when combining Fanuc G52, G2 and Radius style programming

May 4th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.289
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Fixes a bug with Fagor G66 support
  2. Fixes a bug with turning motion

February 14th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.288
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Horizontal scrolling for several panels
  2. Improves Axes gnome driven rotations
  3. Improves Stock rotation buttons
  4. Improves Default light colors
  5. Improves Stock preview to support textures
  6. Improves Stock preview of selected component
  7. Improves Turning repeat cycles
  8. Improves Turning cycle support
  9. Improves Saving the Predator Header
  10. Improves Edit Preferences dialog
  11. Improves Exporting Jobs with multiple CNC programs
  12. Improves Exporting file error reporting
  13. Improves Exporting DXF files
  14. Improves General error reporting
  15. Improves Resources to be more consistent
  16. Improves Online Help
  17. Fixes a bug with stock rotation preview
  18. Fixes a bug with displaying some tooling details
  19. Fixes a bug with tool names
  20. Fixes a bug with very small cutter oompensated arc turning motion

January 30th 2019 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.286
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds FA and NF Predator Header commands for flute angle and number of flutes
  2. Adds SRD and SRH Predator Header commands for shank recess diameter and height
  3. Adds a STLH Predator Header command for STL based mill and lathe holders
  4. Adds HR and HTIPD Predator Header commands for extension radius and tip diameter
  5. Adds TA and TS Predator Header commands for turret angle and station
  6. Adds a HA Predator Header command for lathe holder angle
  7. Adds HW and HH Predator Header commands for lathe holder width and height
  8. Adds HX and HZ Predator Header commands for lathe holder X and Z axis clearance
  9. Adds TPX, TPY and TPZ Predator Header commands for lathe turret position offsets
  10. Adds X and Z Predator Header commands for lathe X and Z offsets
  11. Adds Copy and Paste of more than 256 characters within a CNC program
  12. Adds OPEN and CLOSE alias options for UNCLAMP and CLAMP manual operations
  13. Adds Special character filename support to Save Header
  14. Adds Tool and fixture drawings to online help
  15. Adds Tool color support to Setup Sheets
  16. Adds Job Name support to Setup Sheets
  17. Adds Exit confirmation when the Alt+F4 shortcut is used
  18. Improves Alt+Key menu keyboard shortcuts
  19. Improves Tool tips for some of the toolbar buttons
  20. Improves the size of part and stock images within Setup Sheets
  21. Improves the automatic filname within Setup Sheets
  22. Improves Register display to support 5 and 6 digits
  23. Improves Micro machining support
  24. Improves Wireframe inspection and selection with multiple models
  25. Improves STL fixture collision detection
  26. Improves large STL stock and fixture support
  27. Improves CNC program examples with better Predator Headers
  28. Improves Inverse time feed rates
  29. Improves Clamp and Lever automatic fixtures
  30. Improves XYZ gnome display with multiple views
  31. Improves Saving more options within the Predator Header
  32. Improves Cursor focus with Search, Goto and Replace dialogs
  33. Improves Scanning CNC programs
  34. Improves the Default machine to default.mch within the default folder
  35. Improves Multiple demo CNC program Predator Headers
  36. Reduces demo mode prompts
  37. Removes the ability to create a Job file without a .job file extension
  38. Fixes a bug that prevented disabling backstep
  39. Fixes a bug with Fanuc G53
  40. Fixes a bug with Setup Sheet creation
  41. Fixes a bug with certain work and cutter compensation combinations
  42. Fixes a bug with multiple CNC program style jobs
  43. Fixes a bug with CW and CCW verification

December 22nd 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.272
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Automatic CNC vendor recomendation when none is specified
  2. Adds Machine default folder with 20 new defaults
  3. Adds 14 new gradient style background images
  4. Adds Transparency to backplotting
  5. Adds Ignore button(s) for unknown G & M codes
  6. Improves Default background image
  7. Improves Online help
  8. Improves Backplotting feed motion color
  9. Improves Default view orientation
  10. Improves Panel docking and window resizing
  11. Improves Breakpoint operation
  12. Improves Check code operation
  13. Improves Register panel scrolling
  14. Improves Job Properties dialog
  15. Improves Unit conversion
  16. Improves Backplot only views
  17. Improves Log files
  18. Improves OpenGL support
  19. Improves Saving Predator Headers
  20. Improves Demo mode
  21. Fixes several bugs when backplotting CNC programs without Predator Headers
  22. Fixes several command line bugs
  23. Fixes several lathe bugs
  24. Fixes a bug to eliminate panel flashing
  25. Fixes a bug with tool tips

December 1st 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.261
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Editor option to Force Uppercase
  2. Adds Editing of NCI job properties
  3. Adds NCI file exporting of 5 Axis motion for multiple machine types
  4. Adds Tool property edits within NCI files
  5. Adds Rectangle stock edits within NCI files
  6. Adds Complex stock and fixture setup with NCI files
  7. Adds NCI exporting with comments for unsupported NCI features
  8. Adds Polar coordinate support to the Fagor 8050T reverse post
  9. Improves Install by reducing the file size by 223 MB
  10. Improves Animation speed for lathe jobs
  11. Improves CAD/STL Compare performance
  12. Improves STL file loading performance
  13. Improves STL to SLD file conversion performance
  14. Improves Exporting NCI files
  15. Improves Collision detection with NCI files
  16. Improves UI layout when opening CAM files
  17. Improves Job properties when opening CAM files
  18. Improves Pocket cycle support in multiple reverse posts
  19. Improves Fagor G68 support
  20. Improves Subroutine folder support
  21. Improves Inspecting with lathe jobs
  22. Improves Lathe roughing cycle support
  23. Improves Lathe backplotting support
  24. Improves Multiple monitor support
  25. Improves Right mouse menu support within the Editor panel
  26. Fixes a bug with Cutter compensation
  27. Fixes a bug with Saving CNC programs in a multiple CNC program job
  28. Fixes a bug with Saving lathe tool program point offsets
  29. Fixes an ActiveX bug with solid settings
  30. Fixes an ActiveX bug when rewinding a job

September 26th 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.248
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Multiple prefix and suffix definitions for external subs
  2. Adds Warnings to licensing when UAC is enabled
  3. Adds G20 and G21 support to Fanuc 0T default reverse post
  4. Adds G10.9, G107 and G07.1 support to Fanuc 30iM default reverse post
  5. Adds G43.1 and G43.4 support to Fanuc 30iM default reverse post
  6. Adds Cylindrical interpolation to Fanuc default reverse posts
  7. Adds G43, G100 and G101 support to Haas default reverse posts
  8. Improves Macro definitions to be more flexibile
  9. Improves Automatic ignore option
  10. Improves M98P#Q# with sequence numbers
  11. Improves Shopfloor mode
  12. Improves Command line operation
  13. Improves External sub program searching
  14. Improves M30, M02 or end of program operation
  15. Improves Tab order within several dialogs
  16. Improves Full circle interpolation support
  17. Improves Fanuc style G98/G99 support
  18. Improves Polar interpolation
  19. Improves Fagor G36 support
  20. Improves Fagor G90 and G91 pocket cycles
  21. Improves Cutter compensation
  22. Improves Backplot display
  23. Fixes a bug with Undefined tool number
  24. Fixes a bug with UI memory leak
  25. Fixes a bug with changing font sizes in Errors panel
  26. Fixes a bug with labels
  27. Fixes a bug with M0 and M1
  28. Fixes a bug with Save Job As
  29. Fixes a bug with Lathe STL holders

July 24th 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.238
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Dynamic Work Offset G code support
  2. Adds Mirroring support via G100 and G101 to Haas default reverse post
  3. Adds Replace function for constants within the reverse post
  4. Improves External sub program searching
  5. Improves Deep zoom operation
  6. Improves restarting a solid simulation
  7. Fixes a bug with G53 and rotary axis interpolation
  8. Fixes a bug with the RunMacro function within the reverse post processor
  9. Fixes a bug with stock selection

July 12th 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.237
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Axis order verification via parameter CHECK_AXIS_ORDER
  2. Adds Duplicate axis verification via parameter CHECK_AXIS_DUPLICITY
  3. Adds Bar feeder looping main support via parameter BARFEEDER_NTIMES
  4. Adds RPT support within Fagor 8050T reverse post processor
  5. Improves Zoom and Deep Zoom operation
  6. Improves Save As to automatically replace the current CNC program
  7. Improves Save As to automatically switch to the new job
  8. Improves Initial tool display
  9. Improves Medium speed simulation
  10. Improves Stock selection
  11. Improves Rotary axis simulation
  12. Improves Transparency display and performance
  13. Improves Material shininess display
  14. Improves Lathe thread display in Animation style windows
  15. Improves Lathe tool display to reference upper and lower turrets
  16. Improves Lathe stock cuttoff processing
  17. Improves Lathe collision detection
  18. Improves Lathe roughing cycles
  19. Improves Millturn CNC support
  20. Improves Fanuc turning cycle support
  21. Improves Okuma turning cycle support
  22. Improves File Menu to be easier to use
  23. Improves File overwrite prompting
  24. Improves Reverse post processing of complex templates
  25. Improves APTCL support, error handling and ISO 4343 compatibility
  26. Improves Siemens 840D support of G33
  27. Improves Fagor pocketing cycle support
  28. Improves New job wizard to automatically use the default machine
  29. Improves Deleting all breakpoints
  30. Improves External sub program search order
  31. Improves APTCL support and documentation
  32. Improves Online help
  33. Improves Installation
  34. Fixes a bug with tool inspection
  35. Fixes a bug with the [Exclusive] reverse post section
  36. Fixes a bug with external sub display within the CNC Panel

May 25th 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.225
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Mitsubishi common turning and milling reverse post processors
  2. Adds Round boring bar display
  3. Improves 4 axis arc interpolation display
  4. Improves Spindle selection
  5. Improves Multiple CNC program processing
  6. Improves Offset support when changing between lathe/turret and mill/spindle
  7. Improves Scanning CNC programs with thread cycles
  8. Improves the Fagor 8050M reverse post processor
  9. Improves Collision detection
  10. Improves Register display
  11. Fixes a bug with Multiple STL stocks and fixtures
  12. Fixes a bug with Show Design within CAD Compare
  13. Fixes a bug with Local variable assignment
  14. Fixes a bug with Program Origin gnome and manual rotations
  15. Fixes a bug with NCI style 20007 record processing
  16. Fixes a bug with Offsets when D and H registers are missing

May 2nd 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.221
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds G98 support to Fanuc_0_M.rpi
  2. Adds Fanuc K register support with drill and arc cycles
  3. Adds Fanuc M98 sub program calls with P, Q & L registers
  4. Adds RVP code 7800 for disjoint stock rotation
  5. Adds Automatic extensions with most command line arguments
  6. Adds Demo command line argument
  7. Improves Wire EDM RVP support
  8. Improves Animation of arc interpolation
  9. Improves Lathe tool changes
  10. Improves Lathe tool CW vs. CCW verification
  11. Improves Machine simulation collision detection
  12. Improves APTCL output
  13. Improves RVP processing for Wire EDM
  14. Improves Wire EDM taper motion
  15. Improves Saving JPGs
  16. Improves Unit display within Job properties
  17. Improves Error dialog
  18. Improves Changing machines within Job properties
  19. Improves Adding and removing CNC files
  20. Improves Scanning of CNC programs
  21. Improves Fanuc semicolon support
  22. Improves Chuck and Barfeeder support
  23. Improves Deep Zoom support
  24. Improves Sectioning of Animation models
  25. Improves Predator CNC Editor Backplotting
  26. Improves Command line operation
  27. Improves Gnome display
  28. Improves Menus within Editor and Shopfloor modes
  29. Improves Heidenhain and Siemens inch example machines
  30. Improves the .OCX for OEMs
  31. Improves CAD Compare image quality
  32. Improves Fanuc style R planes in modal cycles
  33. Fixes a bug with tool preview within Job properties
  34. Fixes a bug with G60 after circular interpolation
  35. Fixes a bug with inspection and slant angle lathes
  36. Fixes a missing Heidenhain_TNC530_MM machine file
  37. Fixes a bug with inspection
  38. Fixes a bug with Design mode within CAD Compare
  39. Fixes a bug with Fanuc G40 cutter compensation

March 7th 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.204
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds Mouse wheel support to tool preview
  2. Adds Unit display within Job Properties
  3. Adds Tool shank color support
  4. Adds Editor sub folder to improve backplotting
  5. Adds Drill cycle flags for tap, left_tap, hipeck and retractstop
  6. Improves Tool preview with Job Properties
  7. Improves ATPCL output
  8. Improves MasterCAM NCI output
  9. Improves SurfCAM INC output
  10. Improves Maximum number of tools in the display from 32 to 256
  11. Improves Demo jobs
  12. Improves Incompatible/bad G code warnings
  13. Improves Flip part with Animation
  14. Improves Tool holder display
  15. Improves Shopfloor mode
  16. Improves Automatic unit conversion
  17. Improves Tool colors and tool holder colors
  18. Improves Command line arguments to support dash vs. forward slash
  19. Improves Fanuc_16_TA machine
  20. Improves Fanuc G28 support
  21. Improves Fanuc G17 and G18 arc display with tool center backplot
  22. Improves Scanning CNC programs with no extension
  23. Improves Integration with the Predator CNC Editor
  24. Improves Fagor lathe support
  25. Improves Heidenhain Cycle 254
  26. Improves Lathe finishing cycles
  27. Improves Backplotting
  28. Improves Online Help
  29. Fixes a bug with Fanuc G20 and G21
  30. Fixes a bug with Zoom Fit after panning
  31. Fixes a bug with reprocessing
  32. Fixes a bug with turning small arcs
  33. Fixes a bug with loading a new job while rendering the current job

February 1st 2018 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.183
This version includes the following improvements:

  1. Adds overwrite prompting during install
  2. Adds automatic critical file backup during install
  3. Adds default machine component color of Aluminum
  4. Adds Re-Install Examples option
  5. Adds Fagor G08 Arc tangent to previous move support
  6. Adds Fagor G09 Arc by three points support
  7. Improves Fagor reverse posts
  8. Improves Fagor scaling function
  9. Improves focus with complex tabbed dialogs
  10. Improves home position with active rotary compensation
  11. Improves lathe booleans
  12. Improves combining Rotation and mirroring functions
  13. Improves Siemens ATRANS with polar coordinates
  14. Improves Siemens SUPA support
  15. Improves Siemens reverse posts
  16. Improves Siemens lathe rounding and chamfering
  17. Improves external editor support
  18. Improves Windows registry processing
  19. Improves inch to metric unit conversions
  20. Improves T0 support with Fanuc reverse posts
  21. Improves Heidenhain leanin/leadout with polar coordinates
  22. Improves demo jobs
  23. Fixes a bug with bad lathe drill definitions
  24. Fixes a bug with external CNC files
  25. Fixes a bug when switching tools
  26. Fixes a bug with M06 support in lathes
  27. Fixes a simulation bug before first tool change
  28. Fixes a bug with Job properties after deleting a CNC program

December 12th 2017 – Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.162.
This new version includes the following improvements:
General Improvements:

  1. Official v11 Release
  2. Windows 10, IoT Enterprise and 2016 Server support
  3. New Installation
  4. New Command line arguments
  5. New Real-time tool compensation
  6. New Tool animation
  7. New Manual re-fixturing within comments
  8. New DPRNT serial, Ethernet and file output
  9. New Revolved stock and fixture shapes
  10. New Extruded stock and fixture shapes
  11. New Hollow interior stock shapes
  12. New 40+ materials for real world rendering
  13. New Batch job processing
  14. New ATAN2 function support
  15. New 5 Axis interpolation and tool motions
  16. New 2 and 4 Axis Wire EDM simulation via RVP files
  17. New Active cycle display
  18. New Spin Direction Gnome
  19. Improved 5 Axis booleans
  20. Improved Siemens, Heidenhain, Fagor & Okuma support
  21. Improved Fanuc, Mazak, Mitsubishi & Haas support
  22. Improved Work offsets
  23. Improved G10, G66, G28 and G92 support
  24. Improved Polar interpolation
  25. Improved Cycle time calculations
  26. Improved Spindle speed display
  27. Improved Inspection
  28. Improved Scanning of multiple CNC programs
  29. Improved Transparent tool display
  30. Improved Multiple views
  31. Improved Preferences
  32. Improved Machine properties
  33. Improved Tool change performance
  34. Improved Save as Zip
  35. Improved Lighting and material properties
  36. Improved DXF support
  37. Improved SURFCAM INC support
  38. Improved Program origin
  39. Improved Reverse Post Processor
  40. Improved Warning and error messages
  41. Improved Examples
  42. Improved Online Help

Milling Improvements:

  1. New Parametric table creation
  2. New Parametric vice creation
  3. New Parametric clamp creation
  4. New Multiple spindles within a single head
  5. New Gang drill head support
  6. New Mirror cycle support
  7. New Engraving cycle support
  8. New Rotary axis wrapping support
  9. New Heidenhain Plane support
  10. New Flashcut CNC support
  11. New Heian CNC support
  12. New Okuma CNC support
  13. New Fagor G6, G37, G38 and G59 support
  14. New Fagor #MCS ON and #MCS OFF support
  15. New Fagor #RTCP ON and #RTCP OFF support
  16. New Fanuc G50.1, G51.1, G53.1, G68.2, G68.3, G68.4 support
  17. New Siemens A2, B2 & C2 angle support
  18. New Siemens A3, B3 & C3 vector support
  19. New Siemens A4, A5, B4, B5, C4 & C5 surface normal support
  20. New Siemens A6, B6 & C6 arc axis support
  21. New Siemens CUT3DC 3D cutter compensation
  22. New Siemens CYCLE76 and CYCLE77 spigot cycle support
  23. New Siemens CYCLE800 swivel cycle support
  24. New Siemens CYCLE840, G73, G74 and G76 hole cycle support
  25. New Siemens L external sub program support
  26. New Siemens LEAD, NUT, TILT and THETA angle support
  27. New Siemens ORIMKS and ORIWKS oirentation references
  28. New Siemens ORIAXES, ORIVECT and ORIPLANE rotary axis interpolation
  29. New Siemens ORIEULAR and ORIRPY angle support
  30. New Siemens ORICONCW and ORICONCCW rotary axis support
  31. Improved Scaling cycle support
  32. Improved Haas G12 and G13 cycle support
  33. Improved Fadal support

Turning Improvements:

  1. New Parametric chuck creation
  2. New Parametric turret creation
  3. New Barfeeder simulation
  4. New Chuck simulation
  5. New Turret simulation
  6. New Milling tools attached to turrets
  7. New Trigon insert support
  8. New Flip part support
  9. New Turret center gnome
  10. New Fanuc G92.1 support
  11. New Fagor G66, G68, G69 and G87 support
  12. New Haas SL series reverse post
  13. New Siemens G33 thread cycle support
  14. New Okuma CNC support
  15. New Okuma reverse post registers
  16. Improved Lathe cycle support
  17. Improved Chamfering and rounding support
  18. Improved Tool Names
  19. Improved Fagor G68 support