The Predator MDC Icon, which is a purple gear with a simple bar graph on the inside.

Predator MDC Executive

Release Notes

December 23rd 2019 – Predator MDC Executive v11.0.7.2 is updated
This minor release makes the following improvements:

  1. Improves Oracle database connections
  2. Includes Predator MDC Web Service v11.0.11.1

October 9th 2017 – Predator MDC Executive v11.0.7.2
Predator MDC Executive v11.0.7.2 has been released.
This minor release fixes a bug when Predator MDC Executive is used for digital signage and an instance rolls past midnight.

1/28/2017 – Predator MDC Executive v11.0.11
1. Adds Windows 2016 Server support
2. Adds Oracle support
3. Adds Integrated Windows Authentication support
4. Adds Predator permission support
5. Adds all new installation
6. Improves documentation
7. Fixes a bug when installing on multi-drive PCs

10/22/2016 – Predator MDC Executive v11.0.6
1. Added PDF Reference Manual
2. Added support for HTTPS
3. Fixed a bug with Departments

5/7/2016 – Predator MDC Executive v11.0.5
1. New Predator MDC Web Service support
2. New MDC Web service Configuration manager’
3. Improved installation
4. Fixed a bug with planned and unplanned downtime