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Release Notes

NOTE: Predator CNC Service v11 requires Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2016 Server, 2012 Server, 2008 Server or 2003 Server.

January 17th, 2018 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.103
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.103 has been released. This major update makes the following improvements: MTConnect protocols with the following:

  1. Adds High-speed query option to all protocols
  2. Adds Fanuc Focas v4.7
  3. Adds Secure Siemens v11.0.22
  4. Improves ModBus from 20 to 50 coil & register inputs
  5. Improves JSON from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  6. Improves XML from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  7. Improves OPC from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  8. Improves OPC UA from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  9. Improves Secure OPC from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  10. Improves Microsoft Access from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  11. Improves Microsoft SQL Server from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  12. Improves Oracle from 20 to 50 tags and threshold tags
  13. Improves Secure HID from 20 to 50 tags
  14. Fixed a bug with IP address and port processing in Secure OPC

December 18th, 2017 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.99
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.99 has been released. This update improves the Secure Siemens and MTConnect protocols with the following:
1. Adds Program name to Secure Siemens
2. Adds Program name overrides to Secure Siemens
3. Improves MTConnect from 20 to 50 custom tags
4. Improves MTConnect from 20 to 50 threshold tags

December 6th, 2017 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.98
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.98 has been released. This update improves MTConnect agent compatibility with the following MTConneect functions:
1. Rapid Overrides
2. Spindle Overrides
3. Default Paths

November 30th, 2017 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.97
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.97 has been released. This update makes the following improvements to Predator Secure OPC:
1. Adds support for Opto 22’s OPC Server
2. Adds Ethernet port configuration
3. Adds several new command line options
4. Adds new documentation
5. Improves tag requests to support automatic refresh
6. Includes Predator Secure OPC v11.0.22
7. Fixes a bug with the default port number

November 13th, 2017 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.95
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.95 has been released. This update fixes the following issues:
1. Fixes a bug with MTConnect v1.2 with unavailable machines
2. Fixes a bug with MTConnect v1.1 with unavailable machines

September 23rd 2017 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.94
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.94 has been released. This update adds a new Cincinnati Laser protocol and improves several existing protocols:
1. Adds Cincinnati Laser protocol
2. Adds register support to Fanuc Robot
3. Improves Hand Broken support within Fanuc Robot
4. Improves Fanuc Robot documentation

August 20th 2017 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.91
Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.91 has been released with the following improvements:
1. Adds Program Name support to Fanuc Focas
2. Adds \13 and \10 highlighting
3. Fixes a bug with \13 and \10 processing with some events

06/29/17 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.89
1. Added Siemens OPC UA protocol
2. Added trace logging when ControllerMode is missing with MTConnect v1.2
3. Improves EOL output with Fanuc Robot protocol
4. Improves MTConnect v1.1 and v1.2 with support for paused machine state
5. Improves PalletID support with all MTConnect protocols
6. Improves device selection
7. Fixed a bug with extra wide device listings
8. Fixed a bug with MTConnect program numbers and part counts
9. Fixed a bug to simplify saving

03/04/17 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.78
1. Adds Modbus TCP protocol
2. Adds Notes per device for implementation documentation
3. Adds multiple spindle support for MTConnect v1.3
4. Adds OPC UA tag browser
5. Improves Secure Siemens compatibility with more machine OEMs
6. Improves Text protocol usage and processing
7. Improves MTConnect custom tag processing
8. Improves OPC UA processing
9. Improves Microsoft Access protocol to simplify queries
10. Improves Microsoft SQL protocol to simplify queries
11. Improves Oracle protocol to simplify queries
12. Improves Fanuc Robot protocol to support v8.30146 firmware

01/04/17 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.67
1. 40 New Fanuc Variables
2. 40 New Okuma Variables
3. New MTConnect URL Browser
4. New non-Administrator mode for the Manager
5. Improved MTConnect support for override tags
6. Improved MTConnect execution tag support
7. Improved MTConnect controller mode tag support
8. Improved Secure HI communication protocol
9. Improved trace logging within the Fanuc protocol
10. Improved tray application
11. Improved version logging
12. Fixed a bug with testing and environment variables

10/28/16 – Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.62
1. v11 Released
2. Feature Complete
3. Updated Install