Device Search Utility

Release Notes

Windows 10 x64/x86, 2012, 8 x64/x86, 95/98, 7 x64/x86, 98SE/ME, 2008 x64/x86, 2000, 2003 x64/x86, NT, Vista x64/x86, XP x64/x86

[Verv2.4 Build 21011114]

  1.  Supports auto lockout function.
  2. Supports first-time login function on the NPort 6000 Series to set username and password.

[Ver2.3 Build 19062116]

  1. New: Support Windows server 2019.
  2. Bugfix: NPort5000 series may occur timeout error when upgrade firmware.

[V2.2 Build 17051810]
New Feature(s)

  1. Support CSM-MN01 and CSM-400.

Enhancement(s) Fixed

  1. MB3170, MB3180, MB3270 support WEB console.
  2. Import Can’t filter to select CFG and TXT file.
  3. Support dynamic adjustment in import and export timeout value.

Bug(s) Fixed

  1. “Search by IP” can’t cross router.
  2. Utility version show “??????”.
  3. Export can’t overwrite the same file.
  4. MGate 5000 no display build date when use “Search by IP”.
  5. IP does notchange when set IP config from DHCP to STATIC.
  6. CN2610 “Search by IP” can’t get correct MAC address when no arp entry.
  7. Export can’t show correct result when timeout error.