take part in a shop floor automations case study

Two shop floor employees reviewing the results of a case study.

Thank you for your interest in doing a Shop Floor Automations case study.

If you have experienced great success using our manufacturing shop floor solutions, we would love to do a case study on your measured success! Your results mean the world to us. If you agree to submit a case study for us, we will build the information into an article and submit it to major manufacturing publications (such as Modern Machine ShopMoldmaking TechnologyMFG NewsCNC West, and more)  for potential publishing.

This serves as free publicity for your shop floor, and if the case study gets published, we will send you a G-code T-shirt for your time spent to help us. Call us for more information at (877) 611-5825, or fill out the form below.

About Shop Floor Automations Solutions:

Shop Floor Automations software (AKA SFA) provides the leading software brands in the manufacturing industry to integrate & support the best solutions for our customers with our years of applicable experience.

SFA is committed to addressing manufacturing automation needs of customers with individualized solutions. We scale automation solutions to customers of any size & variety of equipment. Building lasting partnerships with customers by understanding their specific production needs is our goal.

Do you have a small shop? A large shop? Regardless of your number of machines, or types of controls, Shop Floor Automations hardware has you covered with a complete connectivity suite. Don’t shop around & waste time trying to find the lowest prices – using nearly two decades of business history & full support (onsite & digital) will pay for itself with working solutions.

We make our own cables & regularly test hundreds of models of controls with our equipment to confirm what works with wired, wireless, USB, & floppy disk drives for CNCs to eliminate downtime.