Behind the Tape Reader (BTR)

Replace Tape Readers

  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Universal BTR Design – NC & CNC Compatible
  • Expanded Memory – 2MB
  • Tape Reader & Tape Punch Compatible
  • 3 Year Warranty


Shop Floor Automations presents the Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) – it eliminates the necessity of paper tape usage on NC and CNC machines. Shop Floor BTR adds an RS232 or RS422 port to your existing NC and CNC machines allowing sending, receiving, and drip-feeding large NC or CNC.

Why add memory to your machine tool when you can use a BTR to drip-feed from your hard drive or from the internal memory of the BTR? Use any PC with any communication software to transfer to the BTR.  The unit will also allow you to load your executive tapes into the machine without headaches.  We can convert your tapes to digital files to allow you to eliminate the nightmare of paper tape costs, punch tape machines and storage.

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Tech Specs

Shop Floor BTR’s include all required tape reader cables/connectors, installation manual, basic communication software for setup and power supply if required. Open Architecture Design. Punch cables are optional and sold separately.