Machine Monitoring gives you the ability to see what your machines are doing in real-time. Collect & process data from your machines using software like MTConnect, FANUC FOCAS, custom macros, or hardware devices. Optional data collection terminals can be used for additional operator input. Run time, downtime, & OEE data is then presented via dashboards, historical reports, & charts.  Emails or text messages can be sent to notify you of production issues on the shop floor.

Improve manufacturing by supplying accurate shop floor productivity metrics to improve operations & make better decisions. Enjoy automatic, error-free, & unattended machine monitoring for events such as job start/end, set up start/end, log on/off, cycle start/end, & more. Data collected includes cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime, & scrap reasons.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, it is more important than ever to be as efficient as possible. Increase machine up-time & drive innovation on your shop floor.  Scroll down for our low-cost, customized, simplified ways to monitor equipment & collect data.

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Scytec DataXchange™

  • On-Premise, or Cloud Based
  • Starts at $45 per machine, per month, via Cloud
  • We house the servers – you provide the data!
  • Real-time data from any CNC control/equipment, regardless of machine age
  • Unlimited number of reporting and charting licenses
  • View & report on your data results from anywhere
  • Track multiple types of cycle time
Predator MDC

Predator MDC

  • Monitor 1 to 4k CNC Machines
  • 1300+ Reports & Charts
  • Automatic & Manual shop floor data collections
  • Real-time machine, job & part dashboards
  • Track cycle time, idle, setup, teardown, downtime & more
  • Multiple plant support metrics

Predator Touch HMI

  • Windows app to replace shop floor bar code readers
  • Can also replace QR readers & hand-held terminals
  • Simplifies DNC & real-time data collection
  • Works on a Windows PC, Tablet or CNC Controller