A CNC machine controller powered on and receiving code wirelessly through a CNC network.

Predator DNC – A True Networking Solution for Your CNC Machines

It’s time to stop relying on outdated USB drives, PCMCIA cards, diskettes, paper tape, or other proprietary hardware to communicate with your CNC machines. Predator DNC software provides one of the very best industrial networking solutions available on the market today, allowing you to make your shop floor processes more reliable and your business more productive.

Transfer your CNC programs, CNC variables, offsets, parameters, PLC registers, and other production data to and from your manufacturing equipment with ease. With predator software, your shop floor will work the way it should, exactly how you want.

About Predator CNC Networking

With Predator software, you’ll be able to network over 4,000 machines per PC with 50+ supported industrial communication protocols for drip-feeding, downloading, uploading via parallel, RS-232, RS-422, Ethernet and wireless Ethernet. The software supports the following:

  • CNC machines
  • Robots
  • CMMs
  • PLCs
  • 3D printers
  • Laser markers
  • Dot peen markers
  • Tool Pre-setters and test stands per PC; and
  • Server or virtual machines

By networking your Predator PCs, you’ll be able to support unlimited numbers of industrial manufacturing equipment, allowing you to grow and scale at your own pace without ever having to worry about running out of capability. Predator DNC software works as the gateway between all your manufacturing equipment and your network server, extending the flexibility of your Ethernet and Windows®.

OEM Networking Support

No matter what type of CNC machines your facility uses, or wants to move to, Predator’s CNC networking capabilities are able to bring your shop floor to the next level. Let’s take a look at the most common OEMs Predator software is designed to pair with.

For Fanuc CNCs

Predator DNC provides complete industrial networking solutions, RS232 transfer, drip-feeding, wireless and Ethernet communication support for all Fanuc CNCs and Fanuc Data Servers simultaneously. Maximize the performance and capabilities of every Fanuc device on your floor.

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For Fagor CNCs

WiFi compatible Predator software is also capable of supporting Fagor models 101 through 8070 and everything in between, including older legacy models. Includes all Fagor RS232 and Ethernet protocols standard.

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For Haas CNCs

With vertical and horizontal mills, multi-axis solutions, lathes, rotaries and indexers, many shop floors include a Haas machine. Boost the capabilities of these machines even further with comprehensive support from predator software. Support for Haas Ethernet, XModem protocol, custom macro, and RS232 protocol included.

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For Mazak CNCs

Mazak has been in the manufacturing industry since 1969, and today they provide an extensive range of machining solutions. Predator CNC networking is particularly effective with Mazak machines, including support for Ethernet, FTP protocol, custom macro, Mazatrol protocol, and EIA.

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For Okuma CNCs

Predator DNC offers CNC support for Okuma THINC Ethernet, FTP protocol, User Task 2, DNC-A protocol, DNC-B protocol, and paper/punch tape.

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