How do I use the RS232 mini tester from SFA?

Shop Floor Automations recommends a DB25 RS232 mini tester with every hardware order. We terminate our RS232 cabling with RJ45 connectors and have different adapters to tailor to each installation. Depending on your machine, you may require different pinouts on the adapters.

To test the correct pin-out in the cabling:

  • Connect the cable to the PC, Hub, or switchbox.
  • At the other end of the cabling, where the control would normally plug in, connect the tester. Without the tester plugged in the machine, you should see have “RD” lit and “TD” unlit.
  • For most applications, the other lights do not matter. If you plug the tester into the CNC machine control, you should then see “TD” lit.

If you have any variation of this, your machine will not communicate properly.

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