Why does Predator DNC continue to send after I have received the NC program at the CNC?

Predator DNC will continue to send any data in the NC program until done. The cause is usually due to a blank line, space or some other character after the percent sign at the bottom of the program.

To fix this issue, add a Clean Code Link to the Send to CNC Command. Place the Clean Code link above the COM port Terminator in the Object Manager. On the configuration screen of the Clean Code – Send, select the box Send % to % (included) to only send the data between the percent signs.

An alternative solution is to use a Command Time Out. To use this option, add the Command Time Out Link above the COM port Terminator on the Send to CNC command. Do this in the “Object Manager” Screen. Once placed, insert the values of the time out and number of characters on the Properties page. Note: If the time is too short, data could be cut off early, we recommend 1 minutes.

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