The CNC Editor includes basic editing, printing, and saving for any size part program. Major features such as communication, file compare, backplotting and color highlighting are not included.

No, the CNC Editor is only designed for editing and reviewing part programs written in G-code. Other products on the market support Mazatrol editing and can be recommended by Shop Floor Automations.

If you are seeking Mazak compatibility, MTConnect is suggested. For Mazak CNC controllers, the MTConnect can be added to the following machines by contacting Mazak directly.

**Note: Mazak Smart CNC can also be updated with SMART ADAPTER #CCWMPD0280E

The Predator CNC Editor bundled with the DNC Networking Software is controlled by the license of the Predator DNC Software. The SIM and the serial number from the DNC will enable the full version of the CNC Editor.

Currently, there is no option to split the seat from the DNC Networking license. However, you may install the Predator CNC Editor on as many PCs as you wish and use the “light” version of the product for general editing purposes.

A stand-alone full version is available if needed. Contact our sales department.

The Predator CNC Editor Xpress has basic file editing, printing, and basic CNC communication. Color highlighting is not included.  The CNC Editor has file compare, backplot, CNC communication, and more advanced editing features along with color highlighting.

he CNC Editor Express only supports COM 1 through 8.  If you need additional communication ports beyond COM 9, you will need to upgrade to the full version of the Predator CNC Editor.

The CNC Editor will support communications up to a baud rate of 19,200. The communication can be configured for hardware, software, or both flow control along with various data bits, stop bits and parity.

If you want to communicate to your machines faster, then talk to our Sales department about purchasing Predator DNC software.

No, the current protocols supported are XOn/XOff along with RTS-CTS. The Predator DNC module would be required to transfer via Xmodem or Mazatrol.

Yes, Predator CNC Editor supports an unlimited number of different machines and can communicate with multiple machines. Each machine can have unique COM port, baud rate, and numerous other properties. The Editor supports switchboxes, intelligent switchboxes, and the entire line of Predator DNC and Connect AKA FlexN hardware.

NOTE: The Predator CNC Editor can only communicate to one machine at a time and is not designed for simultaneous multitasking operations to multiple machines. If this is desired, upgrade to Predator DNC, which is designed to support machines simultaneously.

No, CNC Editor does not support Remote Request. Remote Request eliminates walking back and forth and allows operators to request files from the CNC control.

If this is desired, upgrade to Predator DNC software, which is designed to support Remote Request for up to 1024 machines simultaneously.

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In terms of COM port limits with CNC Editor – Yes, the Editor Express can only use COM ports 1-8 and the Full version of the Editor can only use COM ports 1-32.