Why is Predator DNC Software showing a gray screen on startup?

Why is Predator DNC Software showing a gray screen on startup?

If you see a gray screen when you open Predator DNC, you will need to map the location of your PXP file.

To do this, open the DNC in Administrator mode, (Start -> All Programs -> Predator DNC Administrator) choose “File”, and then “Open”. Now point to the location of your PXP file and click “Open” again.

More info on Predator DNC SoftwareWhat is DNC Software? Aiding in the process of Direct Numeric Control (sometimes considered Distributed Numeric Control), DNC software helps with total shop floor control.

Now that we have a window into what DNC Software can do, why do some customers use DNC Software?

My old CNC communication network had failed. I could not send files to my CNC sometimes for hours, then it would randomly work. Because of the intermittent failure, we kept trying for a long period of time to keep using our old system. After measuring the time loss for system failure, it was clear we needed to change it out. Now we can even send files via DNC which before did not work as it was supposed to have. –Michael, MiniMachine

Our programs were so large that we couldn’t download them onto our machines, so we started using a drip-feeding system from you guys. Then, we changed over from there to now doing a data server on our machines, but we’re still using your guys’ software (DNC through SFA) to build all of our programs.  -Josh, HRE Wheels